How to get better gas mileage from your SUV

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According to, people enjoy driving SUVs because of their ability to go off-road and the space they provide for carrying big items. Many different opinions linger about the sport utility vehicle class, but that will never stop people from buying a vehicle like this.

When someone buys an SUV, one of the concerns that comes up is the issue of gas mileage.

Obviously, gas is more expensive than it was five years ago, and there is reason to be concerned that it will continue to go up.

Therefore, the best way to be frugal and save gas is to know how to get better gas mileage.

There are several important factors to consider when buying an SUV and spending less for gas, less frequently.

How to get better gas mileage from your SUV

The engine should not be overworked.

Many people drive and stop often, which can cause the vehicle not to get good gas mileage.

Expressway driving is the ultimate way to save gas, and this is a big factor in getting better gas mileage.

The problem with driving through town is using your brakes a lot.

Space in the trunk is an SUV plus, but that also means the temptation to carry around unnecessary odds and ends when not required.

Always remember, the lighter the vehicle, the better for your gas!

Another way to get better gas mileage under this same subject of not overworking the engine is to avoid revving up the engine.

Most SUV’s are monster vehicles and have powerful engines, but this is going to contribute to getting worse gas mileage.

The SUV and its gas mileage must be considered every time the vehicle is driven.

Also if the weather is pleasant, roll down the windows and avoid using the air conditioning.

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An SUV is an enjoyable vehicle to drive, but it can also be expensive if the gas mileage is not properly maintained.

Therefore, making sure that the engine is not overworked and that air is used as little as possible will help save money and gas.How to get better gas mileage from your SUV


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