Printable Kids’ Summer Bucket List Ideas for a Summer of Fun!

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As the school year winds down, kids are counting down for a summer of FUN! I’m all about making those memories without breaking the bank and if you’re like me, you will appreciate all the kids’ summer bucket list ideas outlined in the printable below.

And yes, knowing your kids will want to add a few favorites of their own, I’ve included a blank template to add your family’s favorite summer bucket list ideas too. 

We live close to South Padre Island, so visiting the beach is something my kids add to our summer bucket list every year.

If your family lives close to a beach, check out these 15 fun and free activities your kids can enjoy on their next beach visit!

Kids’ Summer Bucket List Ideas

This list of 60 fun summer bucket list must-dos includes a lot of old-school summer fun.

Printable Kids Summer Bucket List ideas

Make s’mores.

Psst! If your kids aren’t too excited about getting messy with good ol’ fashioned s’mores,

there’s a solution-

S’mores Cookie Cups!

Have a water balloon fight.

Gone are the days when you would have to spend a good amount of time filling each water balloon.

This genius water balloon filler is an absolute game changer!

Make a blanket fort

Or pillow and cushion fort!

Play outdoor flashlight tag at night.

Or glow-stick tag.

Make ice cream sundaes.

My youngest is sold on banana split sundaes!

Do a family summer art project.

This could be anything but you could start a family tradition by creating a new family masterpiece on canvas each summer.

Do a family tie-dye t-shirt project.

I’ve been wanting to do this each year.

This year is the year!

Project tie-dye summer bucket list 2022 is a go!

Printable Kids Summer Bucket List ideas

Make dinner from a different country.

We looooooove doing this. 

If you need any inspiration, pick India and try some of my family’s favorite Indian recipes!

Go camping. (Or backyard camping.)

I’m a glamping kind of person and think my oldest is too.

I think my youngest would be game to rough it out with a good old-fashioned campout.

My husband and son (our resident boy scout!) are pros now!

Go on a scavenger hunt.

Grab this Backyard Creature Journal and see what the kids can find in your backyard!

Help make breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner is another family favorite. 

Here are 50 breakfast recipes you can make in under 20 minutes!

Go swimming.

Don’t have access to a beach or a pool, consider this inflatable pool, especially if you have little ones.

Have a picnic.

Choose to take the old-fashioned picnic hamper packed with sandwiches, muffins route or consider these jarcuteries!


Personal-sized charcuteries in a jar!

savory jarcuterie

Host a family board game night.

There are several family board games to choose from. 

Go on a nature walk.

Play in the sprinklers.

Or get one of those slip and slide sprinklers, if you have itty bitty kids.

Try making homemade ice cream.

Enjoy a backyard bbq.

Watch fireworks.

Create sidewalk chalk art outdoors.

Visit your local park.

Child on a swing- park

Play with bubbles. (Make your own!)

Fly a kite.

Make art using recycled items.

Make sock or paper bag puppets.

Bake cupcakes.

Once you bake your cupcakes of choice, jazz them up to make them FUN cupcakes,

like Mickey or Minnie cupcakes,

or these adorable Oreo paw print cupcakes.

Oreo Cupcakes


Throw a themed movie night party.

Oooh! We have so many fun movie night party ideas!!

Play charades with your family.

Read 10 new books.

I have several book recommendations for younger readers.

Host a family/friends tea party.

Tea parties are another big family favorite. 

Need a little help with what to serve?

I’ve got you covered with some delicious high tea ideas!

How to host the perfect high tea: Recipes and Tips with MommySnippets.com

Make a fresh fruit smoothie.

Mango smoothies are a personal favorite. 

Play Hide and Seek.

Make fresh lemonade.

This fresh lemonade hack from a friend’s mom is the best!

Play or learn an organized sport.

My kids would pick basketball or soccer, without any hesitation!

Have you checked out the themed party we had to kick off the soccer finals several years ago?

Awww, and the basketball-themed party we had for my then 2 year old.

Do a jigsaw puzzle with your family.

The more pieces there are in that jigsaw puzzle, the better!

Make your own popsicles.


Have a family jump rope contest.

Ride your bicycle. 

Have a little one ready to get her first bicycle, this summer?

Here are a few tips.

Have a family hula-hoop contest.

My oldest would win a hula-hoop contest hands down. 

My youngest would be the close second.

Let’s just say the rest of us have a lot of work ahead of us to keep that hoop on our hips!

Make friendship bracelets.

Make play dough or slime.

I promise this is so easy to do!

This homemade play dough recipe is the best!!

play dough homemade

Make your own dinosaur fossils.

These dinosaur fossils are so much fun to make and yet another easy craft!

Grab the free dinosaur coloring pages while visiting the post.

Make dog toys with old t-shirts.

Your local animal shelter will appreciate these dog tug toys made from old t-shirts.

Check this post for an easy tutorial.

Paint rocks.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter.

While one would love to bring home all the animals at our local shelters, we know it’s something that is a distant reality.

But we can still make a difference by helping out as a family, in different ways.

Make a sensory calm-down jar.

You could make a plain sensory calm-down jar, or jazz it up and make a Sonic The Hedgehog-themed sensory jar!

How to Make a Sonic the Hedgehog Sensory Calm Down Jar- MommySnippets.com

Make stained glass tissue paper art.

I absolutely love how my little one’s stained glass tissue paper cross turned out.

While we made a cross, your family could do any shape you choose. Just cut the clear transfer tape sheet accordingly.

Make a summer photo journal.

Make coffee filter butterflies.

We don’t use coffee filters in our home, but buy them just to make these beautiful coffee filter butterflies!

Have a family dance party.

Have a “YES” day!

What’s a YES day? 

I’m so glad you asked!

Check out this post and download your free YES day printable.

Make Unforgettable Memories for Your Kids With a Yes Day!

Make a craft with toilet paper rolls.

Don’t set any restrictions with this one.

Anyone can be as creative as they want to be. 

Need a little inspiration?

See how you can make your own Valentine butterfly or your Thanksgiving turkey!

Bake cookies.

I have several cookie recipes, but this shortbread cookie recipe is one of my all time favorites.

Visit a local museum.

Grow a vegetable or herb of choice.

Make a bird feeder.

This is the easy-peasy bird feeder version, and best of all, birds love this!

Attend a concert or a play.

Wear pajamas all day!

Host a family talent show.

Go on a family road trip.

Can you think of a few more family-favorite summer must-dos that I may have missed?

Write them down on the blank template sheet.Printable Kids Summer Bucket List ideas

Try and see if you can think of an activity for your family to do each day of summer.

That would be fun!

We’re practically ready for summer…

well, our Summer Bucket List is up on the refrigerator, so that counts, right?

Printable Kids Summer Bucket List ideas

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Printable Kids' Summer Bucket List Ideas for a Summer of Fun!