How to Make a Sweet Jarcuterie -Individual Charcuterie Jar Treats

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It has been a while since I shared how to make a jarcuterie. Well, specifically a savory jarcuterie.

Unlike most food trends that fizzle out in a few weeks, individual charcuteries jars continue to rise in popularity. 

Jarcuterie ideas range from the elaborate to the simple. The latter being my favorite, always.

Perfect for any occasion, these edible gifts are relatively inexpensive if you choose to make yours at home and order your jarcuterie jars in bulk.

Since I covered how to make a savory charcuterie in a jar in my earlier post, I’m going to show you how to make a sweet charcuterie in a jar for your friends and family who prefer sweet treats over savory.

Sweet Jarcuterie- Individual Charcuterie Jarual har

How to Make a Sweet Jarcuterie

You will need:

8-12 oz mason jars

Baking sheets

Parchment paper

Ingredients for a sweet Jarcuterie 

Remember, what you put into your jarcuterie is up to you.

These recommendations will inspire you to create your personalized sweet jarcuterie creations!

Here are some sweet jarcuterie ingredient suggestions:

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Stripped Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate Stripped Mini Pretzel Twists

Mini Marshmallows

Candied Fruit

Dried fruit


How to make candied fruit

You can buy candied fruit or choose to make your own. 

Homemade candied fruit tastes so much better and you can control how sweet you want to make your fruit.

Start by mixing one part water with two parts sugar in a deep bottom saucepan or a skillet.

Heat this mixture to a boil.

Next skewer the fruit you intend to use, or use toothpicks. (The skewers make it easier to handle the fruit.)

candied fruit

Ensure the fruit is submerged completely in the syrup.

Once done, quickly pull the fruit out and dip the same in ice water to harden the syrup into a crunchy glaze.


Place the candied fruit on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

Important tips to remember:

  • If the sugar does not turn into a crunchy glaze, this just means the mixture was not hot enough.
  • If the weather is humid, the sugar may not set. To help this process along a bit, pop the fruit into the fridge to set.
  • If doing a good amount of fruit at once, don’t glaze in bulk. The fruit will just turn into a big crunchy blob of candied fruit. (Yes, lesson learned!)

How to Make a Sweet Jarcuterie -Individual Charcuterie Jar Treats

How to make chocolate-striped pretzels and chocolate-dipped strawberries

To make chocolate-striped pretzels and chocolate-dipped strawberries, you can use candy melts or almond bark.

Place the pretzels on a parchment paper-lined baking tray.


Melt your choice of chocolate, following the instructions on the packet.

Pour this melted mixture into piping bags

Cut a small hole on the tip of the piping bag and “frost” the pretzels in a zig-zag pattern.

Leave aside to set,for about 25 minutes.

If doing colors, do a color at a time, allowing each one to set.

You may also use sprinkles. 

While dipping the strawberries in chocolate, ensure each strawberry can be submerged completely in the melted chocolate.

Again, wooden skewers will help.

Once each strawberry is coated all the way through, allow the same to set for about 25 minutes. 

You may add sprinkles if desired.

How to assemble the Jarcuterie

Now that we have all our elements, it’s time to put the individual charcuterie jars together.

How to Make a Sweet Jarcuterie -Individual Charcuterie Jar Treats

Start by building your foundation with the marshmallows.

Build on this your candied fruit, chocolate-striped pretzels, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered nuts, and dried fruit.

And there you have it.

A completed sweet jarcuterie.

Now wasn’t that easy?

If you’re looking for an edible gift for a family, go with a traditional charcuterie board, but jazz it up with these easy meat roses!

How to Make a Sweet Jarcuterie -Individual Charcuterie Jar Treats