How to Make a Dinosaur Salt Dough Fossil- Easy DIY Fossil Craft!

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Does your child love dinosaurs? Learn how to make a dinosaur salt dough fossil that looks realistic! This DIY fossil craft is so easy for kids to do!

When Sam was a 5-year-old, he loved everything to do with dinosaurs. He loved his Dinosaur Train interactive figures, watching several dinosaur shows for kids on repeat and would go through dinosaur coloring pages joyfully. 

And while he loved all things dinosaurs, he wasn’t as excited about the real thing. Jurassic Park was way too intense for him. 

He definitely preferred watching his dinosaurs on Netflix and The Good Dinosaur over anything realistic. 

I still remember the day we made dinosaur fossils. Oh, how happy that made him!

DIY Dinosaur Fossils {A #FandangoFamily #JurassicWorld feature} with Mommy Snippets (4)

How to Make a Dinosaur Salt Dough Fossil

These are so easy to make, and best of all, they look so realistic once dry.

Materials required to make the salt dough fossils:

1 – 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (Start off by adding 1 cup)

1 – 1 1/2 cups salt (Start off by adding 1 cup)

1/2 cup water

You will also need mini dinosaur figurines.

DIY Dinosaur Fossils

Instructions for this DIY Fossil Craft :

1. Mix the salt and flour together. Adding a little water at a time to make the dough.

2. Knead this properly till you have a clean (not sticky, like the photograph below) dough ball to work with.

Feel free to add more flour/salt if you feel the dough ball is too sticky. (This is where the additional 1/2 cup of flour and salt may be used)

DIY Dinosaur Fossils

3. Now make small balls and flatten them same between your palms, ensuring the dough is at least 0.5″ thick

4. Take a dinosaur figure and gently press the same into the dough.

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

Mommy Tip: Use wax paper under the dough to prevent the same from sticking. Plus, it makes clean-up so much easier at the end!

Make sure you can see the dinosaur’s impression on the dough clearly.

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

5. Once you’ve completed making impressions on your fossils-to-be, place them outside in the sun for a few hours.

(We’re in Texas, and you know how scorching the sun can get, so ours were ready in 5 hours time.)

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

Or bake these in the oven, at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, for 2-3 hours. Basically, till the fossils are dry.

And there you have it; your dinosaur fossils are ready!

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

My kids experimented by painting a dinosaur and covering one or two with turmeric powder before making imprints on the dough.

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

Ultimately, they decided to leave the dinos as is, making the salt dough fossils look more realistic!

I think these turned out beautifully!

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossils Craft (+ Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages)

Looking for more dino fun for your child?

Dinosaur salt dough fossil craft

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Have you done any fun, dinosaur-themed, child-friendly crafts, recipes, or activities with your child/children?



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