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How to shop frugally with last minute Christmas shopping.

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It’s not always smart to leave your Christmas shopping for the last moment. I always say you’ve hit the ding-ding-ding warning zone once you cross Cyber Monday and still haven’t gone through that long Christmas list.

How to shop frugally with last minute Christmas shopping.

How to shop frugally with last minute Christmas shopping.

If you have to shop last minute here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you save as much as you can:

1. Shop online and make sure you use online coupon codes.

2. Only shop through a cash back site. It may not seem like you’re saving a lot but when the end of the quarter rolls in and they send you a nice check, you won’t regret the decision.

3. Follow coupon/deal bloggers to scout out the best shopping deals in the market for the week.

4. Buy in bulk. ( Such a great tip from The Good Stuff. Also read their suggestions on budget friendly gift ideas, hostess gift suggestions and more.)

5. Visit your local garage sales and online garage sale communities to buy unopened, unused gifts for a fraction of the price.

6. Use a credit card with reward points or cask back to rake in a little extra at the end of the financial statement.

7. Comb through the clearance racks at your store or the clearance section while shopping online. You never know what you may find!


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Would you share an awesome frugal gift you’ve given during Christmas or a frugal gift idea?


  1. I think many of the handmade gifts I have given are pretty frugal. My brownie in a mason jar is pretty inexpensive.

  2. I try to buy gifts early in the season… I buy all through out the year. I can not think of an awesome, frugal gift off hand though…

    1. Oh, and ps. For frugal gifts, I give services. I am a writer and a photographer, so I write someone a short story, or I give them a free photo package.

  3. I don’t really have any frugal tips that you haven’t mentioned. I use the toy coupons when they come out and try to shop sales 🙂 thanks for sharing your tips.

  4. I am finished shopping thankfully. We are having a less-in-more year! The kids and I have made gifts in the past for grandparents.

  5. I save money by shopping cyber monday deals. I never thought of garage sales for unopened gifts, but I love that idea! Once I found a huge lego set unopened at a thrift store for my son and I was so excited and surprised!

  6. we make up a bunch of different desserts and put on plates and give to neighbors and such. In years past my sister and I would do it together to save time and money.

  7. We stick with the basics and make cookies, bark or brownies for a lot of our non family gifts.

  8. I’m going to send this to my husband. He always waits till the last minute and then pays too much for his gifts.

  9. Great tips! As much as I plan ahead, there are always a few last minutes to pick up. Always!

  10. These are great tips. I try to do all my shopping early, but I always have at least one or two gifts to get last minute.

  11. These are great tips. Even the most well thought out Christmas list ends up with a few last minutes on it.

  12. These are all great tips. I am usually a last minute shopper. This year i am actually done early.

  13. The most frugal gift I have ever given was homemade things. Kid made cups, posters, and ornaments are cheap but sentimental.

  14. A great frugal gift is to do some baking and give it as gifts. You can get some great holiday tins to package the goodies in.

  15. Haha, the ding ding warning zone. I guess that is a great way to put it for those last minute shoppers!

  16. This is the first year ever I have waited until the last minute. We just moved into a new house and the year was chaotic. I am going to be putting your tips to the test.

  17. I like watching the sales after Christmas and stocking up on items that can last at least until the following Christmas. I save a lot that way.

  18. The credit card rewards points definitely add up. Then I pay off the card immediately so I’m making money. 🙂

  19. I am a huge online shopper, saves me so much time! Handmade gifts can be frugal and mean so much more!

  20. These are all such great tips, I love looking for promo codes online when shopping for presents online. SO may online shops have codes, if you just search to find them, you can save tons!

  21. We like to bake cookies or cakes and give those as gifts. We never have much money during the holidays, but it’s okay, homemade gifts are the best.

  22. I need to remember to use Cash Back Sites! I have make Cookie in a Jar and it has always been a hit! I also like to get candles and give with a nice big cookie that I have made!

  23. Great suggestions, I do all my shopping all year long so it is not all at once then it does not hurt the wallet as much.

  24. I already do some of these, but others I will need to try and work on. I do start my Christmas shopping very early (September). That helps out a lot! Thanks for the tips!

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