How To Make Earrings at Home {DIY Earrings: Nutcracker-Inspired!}

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This easy DIY earrings tutorial outlines the supplies needed and shows you step-wise how to make earrings at home! How pretty are these Nutcracker-inspired earrings?

It all began when my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop Leader announced the girls would have a Christmas Gift Exchange at their Christmas party.

While the girls could give their secret recipient anything under the sun, it had to be a handmade gift.

My 8 year old picked the name of a girl who is dances ballet and is in an upcoming Nutcracker performance.

After a lot of thought and Pinterest hunting, she decided she would make her a ballet tote and Nutcracker-inspired earrings.

I wasn’t sure how easy both would be, but once she started, I was surprised!

How to make Earrings at Home 

If your tween/teen daughter is looking for a handmade Christmas gift idea for a friend, relative or teacher, try making earrings. They’re ever so easy and look beautiful!

How To make Earrings at Home {An Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial}

Supplies Needed To Make Earrings:

2 headpins for earrings

2 fish hooks or French hooks for earrings

Round-nosed pliers for jewelry making.

Your choice of beads for jewelry making.

(You can use crystal or plastic beads to make your earrings)

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

My Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

1. Take the headpin and thread the beads through to stack in order of the design you have in mind, ensuring you leave at least a little less than 1 cm of free space on the top to bend to create a loop.

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

2. Now slip the loop of a fish hook/French hook earring onto the pin on top of the beads.

3. Use the pliers to bend the top of the pin to create a loop that holds the fish hook/French hook.

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

Make sure the loop you made is secure enough to ensure none of the beads roll out.

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

And that’s it!

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

Making your own earrings couldn’t be easier!!
And they make such a classy gift for any lady, young or old.

nutcracker inspired earrings

My daughter’s Girl Scout buddy loved her earrings, which inspired her to make more.

She now has earring gifts made for her B.F.F. and her teacher.

We also found the perfect Indian, beaded, trinket boxes at World Market to put them in.

How to make earrings- Easy DIY Earrings Tutorial

 What has been your favorite handmade gift so far?




  1. Wow so easy to make, and great way to give a customized personal gift, would love to make some for my sisters.

  2. I would say anything with my kids handprints on them have been my favorites 🙂 They are so special to me.

  3. These are so cute! I don’t have kids, but every year my niece and nephew give me hand made cards. Those are always my favorites.

  4. I love to make photo/scrapbook albums. I create the whole thing – cover, binding, pages, mats, etc. etc. They take a lot of time, but it’s always worth it. I enjoy making them, and the recipients love receiving them.

  5. Very pretty. I bought the supplies to do this a couple years ago and I really need to start doing it again because it is really fun craft.

  6. I have received handmade jewelry, & have loved them my pieces. This is a very thoughtful gift idea for any occasion.

  7. It seems so rare for people to give handmade gifts, that I’m struggling to remember one in the past decade. My boys adore the sock monkey their grandmother made each of them and I have a scarf a homeschooled boy gave me for being his co-op teacher.

  8. What an absolutely sweet, thoughtful, and very creative handmade gift! I’m a jewelry designer so I understand how great a handmade piece of jewelry can be 🙂 I’d have to say my favorite handmade gift was, ironically, a handmade pair of earrings 🙂

  9. I have a couple clay figures my kids made in school when they were so little. They look so goofy but I think they’re my favorite handmade gifts I’ve received.

  10. I love to wear earrings! I am so shocked that I can learn how to make my own earrings. I want to do this, and your earrings turned out gorgeous!

  11. Those turned out beautifully! I bet my daughter would love making these and playing around with jewelery.

  12. I’ve always wanted to know how to make my own earrings. I can never seem to find ones that are just what I want. they are either too long or the color is off, etc. This is fantastic, thank you!

  13. You make it look so easy. I’ll try but I’m sure mine will look more like Christmas ornaments on your ears!

  14. This is perfect! We have everything necessary for to make these earrings, I am excited to try to make earrings with my daughter over holiday break using your tutorial!!

  15. This would make a perfect gift and would be great to share in making them. I like this unique idea.

  16. The earrings would make a great gift….they look lovely and they are personalised too….love the pair that were given to the little girl scout….and the DIY instructions were really easy to follow xx

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