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Bake memories with your children this Christmas {+ Thumbprint Cookie Recipe}

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I love everything about Christmas, the weeks leading up to the day, the welcoming smell of baked treats wafting through the home and the excitement to do fun projects as a family. Hubs and I agreed, very early on in our marriage, that the holidays would not be centered around gifts and indulging our family in more. Rather our heart’s desire is to increase in ways we can give back, as a family, as each Christmas rolls by. (And no, this is not a Christmas special, but something we try to incorporate all year round!)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBiasWhen we first moved into our neighborhood we didn’t know any of our neighbors and except for two families, everyone else seemed pretty contained in their own happy bubbles. As Christmas drew near, we decided to break the neighborhood ice and gift each home with a platter filled with homemade cookies. My now 8 year old was only 4 then and had to balance on a chair to help Mama mix the cookie batter.

child baking Christmas treats

Days after the cookie gifts were passed out and prayers were whispered, we noticed more people waved and called out to us when we stepped out of the house.

4 years later, we’re one big neighborhood family. We’ve had a community Easter Egg Hunt, a Community Garage Sale and a BBQ end of school year celebration. The men cut each others lawns and the women take turns on watching the kids when they play outdoors.


Bake memories with your children this Christmas

This year, if you haven’t done so in the past, I’m going to encourage you to begin a baking tradition with your children.

Bake memories with your children this Christmas {#NorthpoleFun}

Sure it’s more time consuming, way too messy and if you have younger children, they will tend to wear more of the flour than you would like them to.

And if you have the shape cookies, you will notice they will transform it into a dough modeling session of their own.

While baking cookies for our local volunteer fire department last night, my 4 year old and 8 year old , decided it would be fun to stack the thumbprint cookies on top of each other and make snowmen!

Child molding cookies

But, in it all, you’re making special memories that they’ll look back on with a fondness and hopefully, carry on the tradition with their kids.

This Christmas, add in a more than just a sprinkle of fun, while baking, with Northpole by Hallmark baking aids.

Northpole from Hallmark

Sure you can bake all the Christmas treats with a regular measuring cup, spoon and a pack of sprinkles but…

when you pull out an elf shoe to measure out flour,Hallmark Northpole (27)

use a mitten to measure sugar,

use a jingle bell to put in just the right amount of vanilla essence and

ring a sprinkle bell to generously shower sprinkles over those Christmas cookies,

isn’t it so much more fun?

I have to add that if baking’s not your thing, you will be happy to know the Bake Like An Elf Kit includes 5 easy to bake recipe cards.

We picked the thumbprint cookies recipe to try and the batch we made was delicious!

Hallmark Northpole (10)

And yes, make it a point to always set aside a portion of your baked goods batch to share with friends, neighbors and/or even that sweet mailman your kids see, working hard, each day.

If you’re looking for festive ways to hold those Christmas treats, Northpole by Hallmark’s holiday line includes gift-worthy mugs, cookie/hostess plates and bowls.

Like the adorable “Spread some Happy” hostess plate we used to hold our imperfectly perfect kid-made thumbprint cookies.

Thumbprint Cookies _ Mommy Snippets

Hallmark has definitely outdone themselves with this fun packed line complete with “Magic Snowballs”. The perfect release for patient kids who’ve just spent a good hour measuring, mixing and molding batches of cookies.

Compact, pain-free, not messy and extremely affordable at $2.97 a snowball, at your local Walmart, this is going to make a great stocking stuffer for my Texas-No-Snow-In-Our-Area kids!

Magic Snowball

You can find this and all Northpole by Hallmark products near the greeting cards aisle at Walmart.

Northpole by Hallmark


Tell me, do your kids love to bake? Do you have a go-to Christmas cookie recipe you love?




  1. We are either a peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie family and my boys really have little interest in helping.

  2. I don’t have children, but do love the tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa, I help my nieces and nephews with theirs! 🙂

  3. I absolutely love the story of how you broke the ice in your neighborhood and got everyone together as a community to do fun things! I love the holidays too. I actually just watched the Northpole movie last night! So cute! Your story sounds like it would make the perfect Hallmark Christmas special. 🙂

  4. I have always loved baking cookies at the holidays with my daughter. We have such fun, and thumbprint cookies are our favorite to bake.

  5. Yes the kids and I love to bake. Their favorite thing to bake for the holidays is cookies. They love making spritz cookies.

  6. My kids LOVE to help me bake!! I love to make all kinds of cookies at Christmas, but we don’t have a favorite recipe.

  7. OH I love that tradition. We used to always take cookies to the neighbors. Our neighborhood now are humbugs. They just don’t care. I love the special touches that the NorthPole baking adds.

  8. My son does actually like to bake cookies, that’s about the extent of his helping in the kitchen lately. When he was younger, he loved helping me cook/bake all the time. Sigh. I think for Christmas, we like baking and decorating sugar cookies the best.

  9. I have been baking with my daughter since she was 3 and she is almost 17 now. That is one of the highlights of her day is when we cook together.

  10. What a fun activity! That set is so cute, and my kids would love those glowing snowballs.

  11. Yum! I love thumbprint cookies. Looks like your family had a lot of fun baking together.

  12. I think that baking with kids is so much fun! Baking Christmas cookies is such a great experience for parents and kids alike.

  13. Oh, thumbprint cookies remind me of my mom, who passed away last Christmas. It was one of our favorite cookies to make togther.

  14. Those thumbprint cookies look divine! I love cooking with my son, even though he’s only two! Great bonding!

  15. My kids love to bake with me, creates such great memories! They like to bake anything they can decorate, so they’d love this recipe!

  16. My 2.5 yer old is just getting into baking! I think she would love to make these!

  17. We spent so much time in that aisle at Walmart. So many fun goodies for fun and gifting. I too, remember baking for hours with my mama

  18. I had a lot of fun baking with my kids when they were young. They really enjoyed it and I loved sharing my baking expertise. It’s pretty messy but your making memories too.

  19. My boys like to bake on their own terms. They definitely don’t help all the time.

    I saw those ‘snowballs’ at Walmart last week, I plan on picking up a few for my famly!

  20. My son does not love to bake, which is a bummer. I love to make chocalate chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, which is not a bummer.

  21. I am hoping to do Christmas baking with my kids this year. We haven’t done it yet but it is a tradition I would love to start.

  22. I don’t have kids, but I have a man-child husband that likes to help me bake. Does that count? =D

  23. I love holiday cookies so much! I think my kids love cutout cookies the most, but spritz are another fave!

  24. My kids love to help in the kitchen. I especially love baking with them because it’s okay to get messy. Thanks for the reminder about thumbprint cookies, I haven’t made them in ages.

  25. My daughter likes to bake. I am already thinking about all the things that I want us to bake this year for the holidays.

  26. My kids love to bake cookies with me. I’m not sure if it’s because they like spending time with me or they like eating the dough, but I’ll take it!

  27. I probably didn’t bake with my sons that much. But with my daughter I did. And still do. It’s quite fun. The Hallark items are lovely I just adore the plate.

  28. This is awesome, Christmas has so many memories for me and I hope to give the same to my girls. 🙂 We love our sugar cookie recipe!

  29. My kids love to bake sugar cookies and then decorate them. The Northpole products are so cute! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  30. We love to bake, too, and I love the idea of bringing some to those who serve our community each day! I love the adorable way the bake like an elf kit makes baking even more fun than it usually is (which is saying a lot!) we’ll have to try out those adorable thumbprint cookies! #client

  31. What a cute little set for baking. I love baking with my 7-year old, and she loves spending time with me in the kitchen. We like to bake and decorate sugar cookies.

  32. Oh Carter loves to help bake cookies! This is his first year old enough to help, and I cannot wait to make some! These thumbprint cookies look so good and fun to make!!

  33. I would have to say the yes, we love it very much. Our favorite is the almond peanut butter cookies

  34. I love having my friend’s kids help me cook and bake, and they always have fun (and so do I! ) I can’t wait to make these delicious cookies with them!

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