50 of the best non-candy Easter egg fillers

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Tired of candy-filled eggs coming home? Fill your kids’ eggs without candy this year. 50 of the best non-candy Easter egg fillers for jumbo and regular-sized eggs. Your kids will love the fun treats hidden inside!

I’m not a huge fan of candy so when my son’s preschool teacher asked this homeroom mom if we would consider doing Easter Egg fillers WITHOUT CANDY for the class egg hunt, I was thrilled!

What mom would say no to non-candy Easter egg fillers?

This post has several of our favorites, and yes, to help you out, I’ve linked out to help make shopping easier for you.

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50 of the best non-candy Easter egg fillers (For regular-sized and jumbo Easter eggs)

1. Mini bubble bottles

2. Stickers

3. Easter-themed erasers

4. Mini stamps

5. Spinning tops

6. Mini cars

7. Finger beam lights

8. Mini rubber duckies

9. Friendship rope bracelets

10. Mini mustache clip-ons

11.  Finger puppets from the Easter story (Great for family hunts. At the end of the hunt the kids can get together and narrate the Easter story using their puppets)

Finger puppets from the Easter story

12. Mini bouncing balls

13. Mini Easter jigsaw puzzles

14. Magnifying glasses

15. Mini Easter plush toys

16. Porcupine characters (We love these!)

17. Mini noise-makers

18. Mini slinkies

19. Mini bendable toys

50 of the best non candy Easter egg fillers20. Mini yo-yos

21. Mini hand clappers.

22. Whistles

23. Fun slap bracelets

24. Mini water squirt toys

25. Glitter putty.

26. Accessories to dress up the given Easter egg and make an egg-animal!

Egg animals

27. Easter maze puzzles

28. Squishies (Littles never tire of playing with these!)

29. Mini toy cameras  (If the kit doesn’t fit into the egg and you don’t want to roll it up to stuff a jumbo egg, create a “Camera redeem” coupon and place that in the egg. )

30. Mini paratroopers (You can even find Easter paratrooper bunnies!)

31. Mini stamps

32. Pencil sharpeners

33. Mini prisms/kaleidoscopes

34. Rings for boys and girls (The wiggle eye ones are the most fun.)

35. Make-a-face stickers

36. Easter craft kits (If the kit doesn’t fit into the egg and you don’t want to roll it up to stuff a jumbo egg, create a “Craft Kit redeem” coupon and place that in the egg. )

37. Mini wind-up toys

38. Jewels to accessorize the given egg , a book/folder, a pencil holder, odds and ends mini pail or even lunch-box.

39. Bead necklaces

40. Stretchable/stretchy flying toys.

41. Play dough

50 of the best non-candy Easter egg fillers- MommySnippets.com

42. Glow in the dark bouncing putty.

43. Mini pullback toys

44. Mini plastic animals/ sea creatures/dinosaurs.

45. Mini dinosaur grabbers

46. Marbleized poppers

47. Blowers

48. Mini flashlights

49. Pencil toppers

50. Easter bookmarks (These can be rolled up and put into each egg as they retain shape when they’re unrolled)


Do you have any non-candy filler ideas to add to this list?



  1. Oh such wonderful ideas! I love how you decorated the eggs into the animals! So cute!

  2. I love all those ideas to avoid the sugar overload. Those finger puppets are adorable.

  3. Those are all fantastic ideas! My boys would love the whistles and bouncy balls!

  4. What cute ideas! I always loved getting little toys or stickers in my Easter basket when I was a kid. 🙂

  5. Great ideas! I try to go as light on the candy as possible, though I do still add some in. Little toys and trinkets are so much better, though. Love those animal eggs!

  6. Mind if I steal these ideas for my kids? I am going to make those animal eggs too! So cute – thank you 🙂

  7. I would use erasers, loom band elastics, necklaces, and maybe Little Critters babies.

  8. I really like this list! I do not like giving my kids so much candy. I usually end up throwing so much away!

  9. So many awesome ideas! I like the puzzle idea – maybe put a few pieces in each egg and then put the puzzle together at the end!

  10. Great ideas! I always try to make a mostly non-candy basket so this will come in handy.

  11. Thanks for the great ideas! My daughter will be 11 months on Easter, so I definitely need to find things other than candy to fill her basket this year.

  12. These are some fun ideas listed here. We always try to fill up Easter baskets with items like the ones you listed. Now I have some more ideas on what to add to my nieces basket.

  13. Oh my goodness, you sound just like me. I always fill the baskets with fun things that do not include candy. We also like to include coloring books, new crayons (since they tend to break the ones they have) and colored pencils…

  14. LOVE the Easter story puppets. I tend not to go overboard at Easter because the real meaning of Easter gets water down and that ‘s not what it’s all about. We do Easter eggs too but like you I find fun things and less candy!

  15. Thanks for this, Lord knows the kids are still on a sugar high from Valentine’s Day.

  16. This is a great list of candy free ideas to cut out some of the sugar.

  17. I love all of your ideas. I normally probably put too much candy and love all these non-candy ideas.

  18. These are great ideas. We’ve always tried not to include too much candy in their baskets.

  19. Great list! I’ve also bought the slightly larger eggs to fit matchbox cars in.

  20. You just gave me lots of ideas, thank you. Fun to fill for my nephew to take to his kindergarten class

  21. Great ideas! Too much candy is a bad idea for all involved. Love the different options.

  22. I love these ideas! Our kids already get way too much candy in the basket, no need for them to be in the eggs too.

  23. Such great ideas. One year we were REALLY poor and we did a scavenger hunt with penny filled eggs. The kids LOVED it.

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