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How to Use the Jelly Bean Poem to Teach Kids the Easter Story

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Learn how you can use jelly beans to teach kids the Resurrection morning story, using a jelly bean poem they will never forget! (Includes a jelly bean prayer printable for all ages.)

I love being able to find ways to teach my kids using things they find, use, or in this case consume, in their everyday lives. 

And with Easter right around the corner, jelly beans grace store shelves everywhere we go. 

This sweet jelly bean poem activity will help you and your child remember the real reason behind your Resurrection morning celebrations.

Before your kids polish off a bag of jelly beans, give each child a jelly bean with each of these colors-

green, orange, blue, black, red, white, yellow, and purple.

I know there are several jelly bean poems around, but this one is an original.

Slowly go through the poem together, 

and allow the message of Easter sink in.


The Jelly Bean Poem Printable is a 2-page file that prints off A4 size paper.

The first page holds 2 Jelly Bean Poems, making these tags perfect for the large jelly bean bags, while the 2 page holds 4 smaller tags to the page. 

These would be perfect for the individual jelly bean bags, and could even be rolled around the pouch, to stuff into those jumbo Easter eggs!jelly bean poem

You could even have kids string the beans together to make an Easter bracelet.

Or perhaps even place them in little favor bags (with a little card explaining each color) for the kids at your Easter egg hunt/party.

In a day and age when everything is so commercialized, we need to remind ourselves that Easter is not about the Easter Bunny or Easter eggs,

but about the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for you and me.

jelly bean poem

This Easter would you make it one where you reflect on the beauty of the Easter story?

Even as I finished writing the last two lines to the poem, I realized this could also be used as a way to minister to your child, and used just like the faith bracelet.

I pray that this will open up the opportunity to help you lead your child to accept Jesus as his/her personal LORD and Savior.

Get my version of the Jelly Bean prayer printable from my Etsy store now!

If you would prefer smaller cards, I have an alternate design of the same Jelly Bean prayer also available.

Be blessed! The Jelly Bean Poem Teaches Kids Why We Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

How to use Jelly Beans to teach kids the Easter story

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  1. Okay, this is about one of the most awesome things I have ever seen with jelly beans! Faith is soooo important and my kids will LOVE this!

  2. What a creative idea! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue jelly bean!

  3. Oh I seriously love that! Oh so brilliant! I am going to use this next Easter! It makes it so easy to remember and makes it a more meaningful!

  4. What a cool idea! I would have to make sure the kids didn’t eat the jellybeans before the lesson was over though lol.

  5. I love that you remembered the true reason for Easter with these beans.

  6. I’d never heard of this lesson before. That is a fun way to teach children about the rite behind the holiday.

  7. I absolutely love this! My son is 3 now and this will be the perfect way to teach him next year. Thanks!

  8. I really like this! I like how easy it is to teach kids the story of Easter by using jelly beans. This is very easy for them to understand. Thanks for sharing. I would love to use jelly beans and teach this to my niece.

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