A Color and Find I Spy Easter Printable Game Kids Will Love

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We love I Spy printables around here.

Last year I created an I Spy Thanksgiving printable, followed by an I Spy Christmas Story printable,

and this year, our I Spy Valentine worksheet even included I Spy Valentine cards!

To help serve visual reminders of the Easter story for kids, I created this I Spy Easter worksheet for Easter.

Kids love I Spy worksheets, and well, parents encourage getting these in the hands of their kiddos.

These four reasons are why parents love I Spy printables just as much, if not more!

I Spy Easter

A Color and Find I Spy Easter Printable

This Easter I Spy printable contains eight images from the Easter story:

  1. Jesus
  2. The wine goblet and bread
  3. The tomb
  4. The crown of thorns
  5. Jesus riding on the donkey
  6. The three crosses on the hill of Golgotha
  7. The angel
  8. A man waving a palm branch

While you could have your child count, color, and find how many of each image may be found on this I Spy printable, you can also read the Easter story and ask them to count and see pictures in order as they appear in the story.

This worksheet works for all ages. 

Older kids may enjoy choosing different colors to color each detail in each image,

while younger kids may choose a single color for the image.

I Spy Easter

For example, all angel images may be colored in yellow, while all the tombs may be colored gray.

Most churches encourage elementary-aged kids to attend church service with their parents on Easter Sunday morning.

This Easter worksheet would be a great way to keep little ones engaged and busy while the sermon is shared.

This is also a great way to keep kids entertained while waiting for Easter brunch or lunch to be served.

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A Color and Find I Spy Easter Printable Kids Will Love

Print this I Spy worksheet on regular white multi-purpose paper if used at home or in the classroom.

If you plan to carry it to church, a restaurant, or in the car, I would recommend printing this out on white cardstock for durability.

The printable file does include the key for the same.

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