The Fun Easter Story for Kids Game Every Family Should Play (Free Printable)

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Explaining the events leading up to Easter can be difficult for parents with young children, but you really can’t have Easter if you leave Good Friday out. As parents, we know our kids best and can explain the story to little ones in the most understandable way possible. When I designed the Easter Story for Kids Story Cube I thought about how my husband loves to read through passages from the Bible, to explain the lead-up of events till Resurrection morn. 

We all know there’s quite a bit to read over all 4 gospels, and when you break it up with this Story Cube game, you will find your kids will listen intently to every portion.


Well, if the cube is tossed and falls on a side it has fallen on once before, and everyone insists they know what the passage(s) held, well then an adult will pull out the Bible Trivia questions and fire away!

This is definitely a unique way to listen to events that make up the Easter story,

and one that will keep everyone engaged, and interested.

First things first, start by downloading and printing the pdf file below. 

The file prints perfectly on A4-sized paper.

I would recommend printing off the Story Cube template on white cardstock,

but the other pages may be printed off on regular white computer paper.

(And yes, you may opt to print using the black and white option if you would prefer not to print in color.)

How To enjoy the “Easter Story for Kids Story Cube” 

Once you have your pages printed out, encourage your kids to color the cube template before you begin assembling the same. The Best Easter Story for Kids Story Cube Activity-MommySnippets.com

Older kids will be able to put the cube together easily, following the steps outlined in the instructional sheet.


Once the cube is made, invite the family to sit around the dinner table or on the floor, in a circle. 

Take turns in tossing the cube, starting with the youngest first.

Designate a Bible passage reader or have the person who threw the cube, read the passage on the cube’s side up.

If a passage has been read once or twice, and if that side comes up again, ask the cube thrower one of the questions under the “Easter Bible Trivia” section.

Use this Family Reflection Activity to answer any questions the younger children may have.

Close out the activity with a time of prayer,

and then pass out the coloring sheets for the kids to color in the simple reminder that Christ did not remain on the Cross.

He is not dead, but He is Risen!

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The Best Easter Story for Kids Story Cube Activity -Free Printable Easter Game


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