Printable Names of God Promise Cards- An Intimate Journey of Faith

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As we stand at the brink of new beginnings, we are reminded of the uncertainty that lies ahead of us.

I’m thankful that our journey of faith always has one constant.

One certainty that remains solid, steadfast, and unwavering- the Faithfulness of God.

Over the past two months, as I reflected upon the year, this one desire to learn more about the Names of God kept coming back to me. 

As we enter into a new year, my heart desires to know my Heavenly Father more intimately. 

Be rooted in His Word, and stand assured in His Promises because of who He is.Names of God printable cards

How to use the Printable Names of God Promise Cards

I plan to do this by reminding myself of who God says He is by studying a selection of Names of God from Genesis to Revelation.

I didn’t want to have a Names of God and their meanings chart; I wanted something portable that I could pull out and read while waiting in the car pick-up line or even use like flashcards to study.

Names of God printable cards

Hence these free printable Names of God Cards.

You may also use these cards as prayer prompts/prayer cards,

or encouragement cards to pass to a friend. 


Another way to use the cards is to pray the Names of God by confessing who God is in your life,

in life’s situations,

in your family.Names of God printable cards

You could also print off each card and string them as a banner, similar to what I did with the Psalm 23 cards or even the Jesse Tree advent cards.

Visual reminders are a great way to memorize!

What is on each promise card?

This printable pack is available to download as a pdf file.

The pdf file holds nine pages, including 36 Names of God and 36 Bible verses that point reference to the name on the card.

The list includes:

I love these!

Names of God printable cards

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Free printable Names of God Cards

Get the complete set of 36 printable Names of God Scripture cards here.

(Note: the cards with the Scripture references alone are a great Bible study aid to help lookup the verses and write them down in a separate book, while the printed Bible verse cards are great to carry on the go)

How to print the Names of God Printable Promise Cards

I would recommend printing these on heavy white cardstock and in full color. 

My HP printer allows me to choose the “print on either side” setting, so each card has a printed design on the back.Names of God printable cards

As an alternative, you can print each page on individual sheets and glue the printed sides onto the back of the promise sheets.

For durability, you can laminate each card using a basic laminating machine.

If you plan to use this as a study aid for older kids or a Bible study, you can also punch a hole on the upper left-hand corner of each card using a one-hole punch.

Hold the cards together with a large keyring.

I can’t wait to hear how you use these cards! printable Names of God Cards