Jesus Calms the Storm Craft – Easy Sunday School Craft

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The past couple of months has been unlike any other. 

I think that’s why this Jesus Calms the Storm Craft, though a Sunday School craft, blessed my heart in a big way. 

When I think of storms, I’m always reminded of how Jesus calmed the storm with just a few words- “Peace, be still!”

It has been a while since we’ve been able to attend church in person and yes, we all really miss being with our church family, my youngest included.

She loves Sunday School.

So after we read the “Jesus calms the storm” story together, I thought it would be fun for us to work on a visual reminder of the story we had just read.

While my Jesus Calms The Storm Craft was to help bring the story to life for my youngest, it actually ministered to me in a big way.

I know there are lots of Jesus calms the storm craft ideas out there.

This one has a special place in my heart, and it couldn’t be more perfect for this season we’re in.

Jesus Calms the Storm Craft- One of My Favorite Easy Sunday School Crafts!

We’re all sitting in a boat that’s ravaged by this crazy COVID-19 storm. 

As an adult, it has been hard to fully grasp how uncertain, and unpredictable life during this pandemic has been.

Imagine how much more this is magnified in the mind and heart of a child.

But even during these times, there is hope.

There are uplifting Bible verses to strengthen our faith.


As a Sunday School teacher, I try to find ways to make the life lesson from a Bible story take root in a child’s heart, either through songs or through Sunday School crafts.

Specifically, easy Sunday School crafts.

While reading over the “Jesus calms the storm” story again, I thought about the disciples and how terrified the disciples would have been to be in a boat that seemed close to being sunk by violent waves.

(You can find this story in Mark 4: 35-41, in the Bible.)

It didn’t help that Jesus was asleep through it all.

But as soon as Jesus awoke and commanded the wind and waves to be still, a calm fell over the sea.

The winds ceased and right then, the disciples were reminded of who they were with. 

Jesus Calms The Storm Craft

As children of God, we’re reminded that our Heavenly Father “will never leave us nor forsake us.” (Hebrews 13:5, NKJV BIble)

The Amplified Bible reads, “I will never (under any circumstances ) desert you (nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree, leave you helpless), nor will I forsake or let you down, or relax my hold on you (assuredly not)! 

May we never forget this promise, this God Whisper,  as we go through the storms in life.

Joshua 1:9

Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Craft for Kids of All Ages

Younger kids may need a little assistance to make this, but older kids can make this interactive craft independently.


2 white paper plates

1 popsicle stick/ craft stick

Blue acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint (optional)

7 Q-tips

1 black Sharpie pen (This is a great price for 12 Sharpies!)

Glue dots

1 yellow construction paper {and another color or use the yellow to write the verse “Be Still and Know That I Am God.” (Psalm 46:10) or one of the verses above.)

 A pair of scissors

Tape (optional)

(You can save money on craft supplies when you do this.)

Jesus Calms The Storm Craft Materials

How to make the Jesus Calms the Storm Craft

1. Start off by painting the white paper plates blue (or a blue-black shade by mixing both paint colors to give a stormy effect). Set the painted plates to the side and allow the paint to dry.

2. While the paint dries, take the Q-tips and draw smiley faces on one side of each Q-tip,and sad faces on the opposite side.

 (Note: you will be drawing faces on both sides of each Q-tip because you will create 2 disciples out of 1 Q-tip, by folding the same.)

Your 7th Q-tip will just have a smiley face. This will represent Jesus. You can write “Jesus” on the stem.

Set your Q-tips aside till we start assembling the craft.

3. Grab your yellow construction paper and make an origami boat.

Use glue dots to glue your boat to the face of one of your painted plates.

4. Take the second plate and a pair of scissors. Carefully cut out wave shapes, starting from halfway through the plate. (For younger children, you may draw an outline with a pencil.)

5. With the portion of the plate that has been cut off, draw and cut out a small wave.

5. Attach a craft stick to the back of your smaller wave, using a few glue dots or tape.

6. Carefully place the Q-tips into the boat.

You may glue-dot your Jesus Q-tip to the boat as we won’t be turning the Q-tip around.

The disciple Q-tips will be turned to show sad faces when the waves rise and happy faces when the waves recede.

7. Now, line the ends of your larger wave plate (face side) with glue dots.

8. Align the smaller wave with the craft stick attached) to the center of the plate with the boat on it. 

And position the larger wave plate over the main plate and smaller wave. Test and see if the small wave moves.

9. You can add a verse of choice to the craft stick or the plate.

While sharing the story with the littles, don’t forget to make sure you turn the Q-tips around to show sad disciples when the storms arise.

And after Jesus says, ” Peace, be still!” the waves recede, and you have happy disciples!

I absolutely love this easy Bible craft.

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