5 Easy Ways to Help a Child Learn Bible Verses

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These are my 5 favorite ways to help children learn Bible Verses: uplifting Bible verses in the form of printable Bible verse cards and more!

I need to start this off by saying a child is never too young to learn Bible verses.

My children began memorizing simple verses from Scripture a little after they turned two years old.

Why should my child memorize Bible verses?

The Bible gives us, as parents, a charge to:

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6)

So many promises from God’s Word have carried me through difficult or problematic situations.

Life can change in just one moment.

Uplifting Bible verses I’ve put to memory leaped out, just when I needed it the most, to give me peace and direction in more situations than I can count.

If we can teach our children to find direction in God’s Word, there’s no better way to equip them for the uncertain future that lies ahead of them.

Scripture memorization is a priceless investment you’re making in your child’s life.

One you will never regret.

So how do you start?

For little ones start with the Beginners Bible, to introduce them to stories and illustrations they’re able to grasp.

Add to this learning easy Bible verses.

You will know when it’s time to graduate your child to the complete Bible.

Continue introducing them to more Bible verses and encourage them to find verses they would like to memorize.

Make learning the Bible fun for your kids.

Allow me to share five ways I’ve helped my three kids and the kids I’ve taught in Sunday School and Awanas for 22 years.

5 Easy Ways to Help a Child Learn Bible Verses

Start by finding simple Bible verses to introduce to your child.

1. Color and Learn Bible Verse Coloring Pages

I have put together several printable Bible verses for kids- verses my children have memorized over the years.

The verses have been added to Bible coloring sheet packs on my Etsy store and the Bible Coloring Book for Kids: A-Z  Bible Memory Verses I designed a short while back. (Yes, the book is available on Amazon!)

Children love to color, and with both the coloring page packs and the book, the Bible verse featured on each page can be colored too. So this helps reinforce what they read and glance over as they color.

I would recommend these Bible verse coloring pages if you plan to share this with siblings or to share among friends at church or in Sunday School.

Bible Coloring Pages For Kids: 10 Easy Bible Verses 


A-Z Easy Bible Verse Coloring Pages for Kids: 26 Bible verses. One for each letter of the alphabet.

Now, if you’re looking for a color-and-learn book to carry along to church while waiting in the car or while at the dentist’s, the Bible Coloring Book for Kids: A-Z  Bible Memory Verses would be a great choice.

Definitely more compact and portable!

Add to these my printable Bible verse cards for kids.

Each card features a sweet illustration to color and simple Bible verses for kids to memorize.

Printable Bible Verses for Kids to Memorize- Easy Bible Verse Cards for Kids

2. Bible Verse Crafts

Using crafts to showcase and remind a child of a verse, or even a passage, is a beautiful way to help kids memorize.

A perfect example of this is the Psalm 23 KJV craft published several weeks ago.

Psalm 23 KJV Flashcards and Craft

I love that several church representatives have reached out to share they are using this craft with their Sunday School classes.

Another craft that showcases a Bible verse was the Jesus Calms The Storm craft featuring my Mama’s favorite Bible verse.

3. Learn Bible Verses through Song

This has been a favorite way to learn verses in my AWANAS kindergarten class.

We would put a tune to the Bible verse for the week, and before long, the kids had it memorized without a struggle.

If this sounds hard to do, I’m sure you will be able to find the verse your child plans to learn, in song, on YouTube.

4. Write and Learn Bible Verses

If your child is more of a visual learner, practice writing out Bible verses to remember them.

For younger children, or even older, this could serve as their copywriting practice for the day.

5. Repetition is the most common way to learn Bible verses.

You will be surprised how quickly children pick up things they hear, so be intentional to speak out verses from the Bible.

You could read a Bible verse before they go to school or during family prayer time.

The more they hear the verse, it gets stored in memory.

My favorite testimony for this is from this past year.

Right after the pandemic became big news early in 2020, schools closed, and practically everything came to a standstill.

My husband shared he would read Psalm 91 aloud every night during our family prayer.

After several days passed, the kids started taking turns reading the Psalm out aloud.

The night Ana asked to read the Psalm, we noticed her eyes kept darting away from the pages, so we asked her how much of the Psalm she remembered.

Our then 6 year old then proceeded to shock us by reciting the entire Psalm from memory.

All 16 verses! Praise God!!

Children are sponges. They are not too young to memorize God’s Word.

I can’t wait to hear more about how your family memorizes Bible verses.

Do you have a favorite family verse?