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Uplifting Bible Verses to Encourage Your Spirit (+ Free Printable Scripture Coloring Sheets for Adults)

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2020 is the year nobody will ever forget…

a year filled with uncertainty, but at the same time, one filled with hope.

The one truth that carries my family through this season we’re in, is knowing, without a shadow of doubt, that God has never failed us.

He has always been Faithful to His Promises in the Bible, and no pandemic was not going to change that!

Psalm 91 became our family’s anthem each night, during family prayer, and today, looking back, I can say, yet again, that God’s Word has carried us through the past number of months.

Things still look different, but God remains the same.

I want to encourage you to lean into God’s Word to help you through each day.

Scripture is filled with uplifting Bible verses to encourage your Spirit.

Uplifting Bible Verses

Yes, we’re still living in uncertain times. Things can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to shift our focus. 


Make time to read your Bible, daily,

or even several times a day.

Remind yourself that God is still in control.

He does not change. His Word does not change.

Uplifting Bible Verses

De-stress at the end of the day, or just take a few moments during the day, to just block out all the noise.

(Noise could be noise in the literal sense, or even just stuff that bogs you down- the news headlines, mounting bills, a health issue, a difficult relationship, anything.)

Download these coloring sheets, and print out 9 uplifting Bible verses, turn on some worship music, and color away.

Uplifting Bible Verses

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I don’t know what you’re going through today, but don’t ever forget that you’re not alone in your journey.

Allow God to minister to your spirit, through His Word, the Bible. 

He promises that in this world we will go through difficult times, but it will not overwhelm us.

Uplifting Bible Verses

One thing has helped me, through this long season we’re in.

I have been intentional to look back to situations and circumstances God helped me, and my family, through.

They’re my memorial stones.

Reminders of how God was right there by my side.If it had not been for the Lord

Would you take some time to reflect on your memorial stones?

Write them down.

Be purposeful about reminding yourself of times God has helped you. 

This sweet Sunday School craft, while designed to teach kids the story of Jesus and his disciples in the storm, ministered to my heart in a big way too.

(Isn’t it funny how so many Sunday School songs, lessons and crafts end up speaking to your spirit, though designed specifically for kids?)Jesus Calms The Storm Craft

God has His way of getting the message through to us, some way, form, or fashion!

I pray your heart is encouraged. 

I don’t believe in chance, luck, or that things happen by accident. 

I believe God has a reason for you reading this.

Be blessed, and please know I’m an email away if you ever need to reach out.

Uplifting Bible Verses to Encourage Your Spirit + Free Printable Scripture Coloring Sheets- MommySnippets.com


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