Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards: Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91

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Around the time of the initial lockdown, when we began navigating through new scenarios with voluntary quarantining, virtual school, curbside pick-ups, social distancing, etc., my husband suggested we read and pray Psalm 91 during our daily family prayers.

The kids took turns in reading Psalm 91 each day.

One evening, I noticed Ana reciting parts of the Psalm without looking at her Bible. 

I asked if she could recite parts of it from memory, and she said she could.

She stunned us by reciting all of Psalm 91 from memory effortlessly. 

She was six at the time.

Creative Ideas to Learn & Pray Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is one of those Psalms that are packed with so much to carry one through a day, a week, a month, a lifetime!

Challenge your family to memorize this Psalm this year.

There’s no deadline. 

Go at your pace.

Learn a verse at a time or a few verses at a time.

I have a few creative ways you can make this fun.Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91

Pray Psalm 91 as a family, daily.

Personalize the Psalm and read it like a prayer.

Younger children may need help in doing this. 

Allow your older children to take the lead in making the prayer their own when it’s their turn to pray the Psalm.

Here is my prayer:

Heavenly Father, 

Help me dwell in your secret place, under your shadow, oh Lord.

May I always say that you are my refuge, my fortress

And may my trust be in You, always.

Protect me from evil plans or harm that could come my way.

I will trust in the safety and protection found in Your Presence.

I will stand on the promises found in Your Word and trust in Your Faithfulness.

I will not be afraid of any evil or destruction that comes my way,

Nor will I worry about any schemes plotted by people around me because You are my Protection.

You will fight my battles for me. 

You will keep me safe.

No evil will come near me.

No sickness will come near my home.

You will set angels to watch over my coming and going.

I will see Your Hand deliver me.

You will be with me in trouble, 

You will honor me.

When I pray to You, You will answer me

You will lift me up and honor me, for Your Name’s sake and glory,

because my trust is in You.

Thank you, Lord.

I love You,

In Your Name, Jesus, I pray,

Amen.Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91

Memorize Psalm 91 in small nuggets, using flashcards

I’ve designed flashcards using the Psalm 91 KJV translation to make this fun for your kids.

When your child finishes memorizing a verse, encourage them to color the butterfly and set it aside. 

Each day take up a new flashcard to memorize, and at the end of the day, recite past flashcards from memory together.

Make a simple Psalm 91 craft banner.

Similar to what we did with the Psalm 23 craft, as your child memorizes each flashcard, they can hang it up on the twine.Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91

This will look pretty once the banner is complete and each flashcard’s butterfly is colored. 

Play fun games to learn the Psalm

Once your child has read over Psalm 91 a few times, over a few days, you can play these games.

Game 1: Sort out the flashcards to read Psalm 91

Shuffle the flashcards and ask your child to sort out each card and arrange the cards in the correct order, to read Psalm 91 in its entirety.

Game 2: Complete Psalm 91

Pull a card, two, or a few from the flashcard train.

Ask your child to see if they can recite the missing flashcards from the train from memory.Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91

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Do you have any creative ideas to remember Psalm 91?

Printable Psalm 91 KJV Flashcards Creative Ideas to Help Kids Learn, Pray Psalm 91-MommySnippets

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