How Kids Learn With I Spy Printables : Free I Spy Worksheets for Kids

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Printable I Spy worksheets are growing in popularity with educators, parents, caregivers, and givers.

Interactive I Spy printables engage a child in several ways.

We all remember how we would sit down with a good I Spy book, right?

Or how much easier a road trip would be with several rounds of I Spy!

How Kids Learn With I Spy Printables

Tracing its origins from the good ol’ road trip game, an I Spy printable encourages and sharpens several skills in a child. 

Dependent on the type of printable- a Color and Find printable or a simple colored printable, a child has to:

  • Rely upon visual learning skills of recognition and discrimination to identify like elements in a page
  • Practice counting skills in I Spy printable worksheets that require a child to count the number of identical elements
  • Build upon existing fine motor skills in I Spy Color and Find I Spy worksheets that require a child to color each element as he counts
  • Hone in on focus and concentration skills

These are great worksheets to pass out as a classroom activity, during a road trip, a long flight, or even while waiting for a meal to be served.

Thanksgiving I Spy Printable

The Best Way to Print Off the Free I Spy Printables?

I recommend using white multi-purpose paper whether the I Spy counting worksheet is a colored element sheet or a Color and Find worksheet. 

I use my HP Envy to print sheets, activity pages, and books.

Now if you’re like me and do a lot of printing every month, I highly recommend considering an HP Instant Ink subscription for this simple reason that you save on your original ink cartridges and when it’s time to get a refill, HP sends along your refill set well before you run out.

I’m ready to get my Free I Spy Printables!

My kids love I Spy games so adding more I Spy Printables to this collection is definitely on my list of things to do. 

Enjoy these for now. 

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If you have any themes or ideas you would like incorporated into an I Spy worksheet, let me know.

I would love to try and design something fun for your kids!

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