How to Pretty Up Your Toilet Rolls With Toilet Paper Origami

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Say goodbye to folded toilet paper and see how you can step up your bathroom decorations with this easy toilet paper origami tutorial!

I’m not one to splurge on fancy, expensive accessories to “pretty” up our home. I’m always on the hunt for frugal (and easy) ways to bring beauty into various pockets of our home, yes bathrooms included! I was recently introduced to the art of toilet paper origami.

Yes, you read that right, toilet paper origami!

Some people even call it toile-gami.

Yes, folded toilet paper was fancy, but toile-gami is a step up!

To put it simply, toilet paper origami is the art of toilet paper folding to create a beautiful paper creation that yes, still remains practical and useful.

Accessorize your toilet rolls with Toilet Paper Origami {Tutorial}

I love that this is easy to re-create, doesn’t cost a penny, and instantly adds a touch of “Oooh, wow!” to that space in your bathroom.

I’m yet to master making cranes, boats, and flowers on my toilet rolls, but for now, I’m content with this simple fan-fold flower in a cone pot design.

Here’s how to fold toilet paper to make a Flower in a Pot Toilet Paper Origami 

Step 1: Unravel a roll of toilet paper. Do this over not under, and no, we’re not getting into that debate right now.

toilet paper origami

Step 2: Fold over 1 square

toilet paper origami

Step 3: Now turn the roll over (so that the roll now unravels under) and fold about half a square’s length over.

toilet paper origami

Step 4: Fold one tip to look like you’ve dog-eared the paper

toilet paper origami

Step 5: Now dog-ear the other side

toilet paper origami

Step 6: Make sure both dog-eared ends meet and you don’t have a gap between them (as below)

Toilet paper origami

Step 7: Now carefully turn the roll over again, making sure the folds stay in place and voila your cone shaped pot is ready

Toilet paper origami

Step 8: Now take two squares length of toilet paper (It’s best if you pull this out before you begin creating your pot or you can pull this off another roll)

Toilet paper origami

Step 9: Fanfold this (or create pleats) ensuring each fold is of equal width

Toilet paper origami

Step 10: Now fold the fan in half


Step 11: Gently place it into your pot

toilet paper origami

And there you have it…

Toilet paper origami

A simple but elegant way to accessorize your toilet roll, that costs nothing but your time.

You don’t need fancy toilet paper. Any brand will work.


Do you have any other frugal tips to “pretty” up a space or corner in one’s home? 


  1. I love using baskets to keep everything organized and in it’s place, even in a tight space!

  2. I’ll have to admit, at the title I was expecting a paper crane! haha! But the fan is really pretty, and perfect for a guest room.

    1. I will get to the crane sooner than later. It’s actually next on my must-learn list! 😉

      1. i hope you update with a crane. because that’s awesome.

        i never once thought about anything more than OMG is there TP in the bathroom and did the kids flush? when guests are coming

  3. That’s a cute idea although if I went in the bathroom and saw that, I wouldn’t want to use the TP for fear of messing it up!

    1. Lol! My 3 year old asked permission to use the toilet paper as he thought it was “beautiful” and wasn’t sure if he would get into trouble if he used it! 😉

      1. That totally cracked me up! I think my boys would try to re-create toilet paper origami and waste the whole roll!

  4. What a cute idea. I’m going to start doing this when I clean the bathrooms. I think that my family will love it.

  5. Ha, wouldn’t my kids think this was the coolest ever! This is a nice touch when company is due to arrive, thanks!

  6. So fancy! I like to roll up my extra hand towels and put them out on display. Easy to find and pretty to see.

  7. Ha! Totally cute idea! I will have to do this next time I have people over!

  8. This is adorable! It’s one of those extra touches that I love to find in my hotel rooms.

  9. When staying in hotels I’ve seen the pretty toilet paper origami and it really is a very simple and inexpensive way to add a lot of class to your bathroom! I’ve tried my hand at it once or twice and failed miserably. LOL

    Great tutorial 🙂

    1. The key is to start with the easy peasy ones first, build up confidence and then attempt the complicated ones

  10. I am so going to start doing this to every bathroom I go to lol. It’s really cute

  11. Just like a 5 star hotel….lol. I love it. I am all for impressing guests that come to my house 😉

  12. What a clever idea and a great way to spruce up the bathroom for guests or holidays. Will have to try this sometime, thanks for the tutorial!

  13. I’ve always liked the toilet paper origami at hotels, I didn’t know it was so easy to do it yourself!

  14. This reminds me of fancy hotel room toilet paper roll! I think it is very cute, but my kids would terrorize it!

  15. This is such an adorable idea. I would love to do this when we have guests or family staying over. Even my daughter would appreciate seeing this when she goes to use the potty!

  16. That is too fun! The next time we have guests I will totally do that. Very creative!!

  17. I’ve done this before! It’s so fun! My son was afraid to use the toilet paper too! Hah!

  18. Oh my goodness, that is such a clever idea! Will totally wow my next guests with this 😉

  19. That is a really nice touch. I’d do it for company – maybe I can wow them with my TP origami skills. I even like the little triangle folds they do in hotels.

  20. I’m a total sucker for little details like this! I love when I see that at hotels, I am going to start doing it at home now that I see how easy it is!

  21. Well that’s really neat! This would be perfect to do in a guest house or guest ensuite when you had people coming over. Great idea.

  22. That is really cute. My husband would tear it up as soon as I made it, lol – totally something for the guest bath. 😉

  23. I will have to try this when we have guests. They would certainly be impressed, LOL. My family might think I am crazy. 😉

  24. My daughter does this to our toilet paper when she cleans the bathroom. She always loved seeing it like this when we went to hotels. Pretty fancy and easy!

  25. Ohhh, I love this. I always do this when I clean the washroom. Makes me feel like I accomplished it. 😛

  26. Very nice but would not be long lasting in my house! Maybe for special occasions in the guest bathroom : )

  27. That would be a nice thing on the toilet paper to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

  28. With a two year old in my house that would be destroyed in a couple minutes. Great way to add a little touch for guests staying though!

  29. I think this is a really fun way to welcome guests into a bathroom! It reminds me of how they do it at some of the fancy hotels I have stayed at in the past!

  30. What a fun way to add a little something to your bathroom. It makes me think of a hotel 🙂

  31. Haha my girls would love this, although it probably would stay that way long! My nephew always used to create origami with toilet paper!

  32. Super cute idea. I love when hotels do it. It’s a nice personal touch where you least expect it.

  33. You are so clever! This is like what I see in nice hotels. Great idea to do it at home to impress guests!

  34. I definitely would do this for company. Totally cute! I like to put out a vase of fresh flowers- especially when they come from the garden!

  35. This is so cute! I will have to try and make this and have it for a decoration. Yours sure turned out really pretty. This is very good toilet paper.

  36. This is so cool. I’ve never thought about this but it would be perfect for the guest bath.

  37. That’s too cute. I recently seen on cottonelle, making toilet paper origami flowers and putting them in a vase. It was cute too.

  38. Thanks for finally talking about >Accessorize your toilet rolls with
    Toilet Paper Origami Tutorial – Mommy Snippets <Liked it!

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