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Fingerprint Ornaments- The Easiest Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids (+ Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar)

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I love fingerprint crafts, cards, and gifts. I’ve carefully saved every sweet fingerprint memento, from each year of preschool, kinder and 1st grade, for all three kids. There’s just something about a fingerprint creation that just pulls at your heartstrings. Thinking about Christmas ornament crafts for kids, I figured it would make it all the more special if we could do something with fingerprints-fingerprint ornaments!

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments- the best Christmas craft you could do with your kids!

Yes, these adorable, handmade-with-love, kids’ Christmas ornaments are just that.


It all begins with a fingerprint.

Materials needed for this Christmas ornament craft:

Acrylic paint (black, blue, red, brown, yellow, white, green. gold)

A black Sharpie marker

Round wood slices (minis) (I bought my 1.5″ slices from Oriental Trading but Amazon has some that come with a hole, and are bigger.)

Christmas baker’s twine

A small paintbrush

A pair of scissors

A hot glue gun.

A wipe. (Yes, you definitely need a wipe, or two, when crafting, painting, and playing with homemade play dough!)


Use this photograph, as your reference for ornaments you could make.

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

A Christmas Tree

A Robin

A Gingerbread Man

An Angel

A Penguin

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

A Snowman

Christmas Lights

A Wreath and

Candy Cane

These ornaments are simple enough for your 6 year old to make, independently.

Ana did need a little help with the penguin, but asked if she could work on the rest, without any help.Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

The key is to encourage your child to work slowly, and be patient to allow the paint to dry, before adding more paint or drawing features with the Sharpie.

Take the fingerprint reindeer Christmas ornament, for example.

Start by dipping your child’s finger in brown paint,

and gently placing the fingerprint on one side of the wood slice.

You will now clean your child’s finger (or have them do it, if older),

and set the ornament aside to dry. Once dry, dip the finger in red paint, to create the red nose.

Leave this to dry, and when done, draw the eyes and curly antlers.

Play some Christmas carols in the background and watch your child work on each ornament, with love.Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

And encourage your child to add their own personal spin to their ornaments. 

You can see the Snowman ornament I made, below.

Check out Ana’s adorable Snowman. Happy green muffler and all!

Yes, feel free to have your child grab the paintbrush and add on to the fingerprint. 

Allow their creativity to flow.

Don’t you just love Sam’s 2020 Christmas ornament? Mask and all!

The only design you will want to draw out with a Sharpie first, will be the Christmas Lights ornament.

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

The fingerprint light bulbs would fall under each hook.

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

While your ornaments dry, cut 2 inch length hanging strings, from the baker’s twine.

Hot glue either side of the twine to the back of each ornament.Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

And that’s it.

Your child’s beautiful ornaments are ready to be hung on the tree!

Easy Fingerprint Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids- MommySnippets.com

I love that this is something you could start as a family tradition, especially if this Christmas will be your baby’s 1st Christmas.

Choose your favorite design, and replicate the same, using your child’s fingerprint, every year.

Won’t it be sweet to look at the ornaments, hanging on the tree, 10 years down the line?

By far, one of the best Christmas ornament crafts you will have your child make!

Thinking about Christmas ornaments, perhaps your child could make a family of Reindeer Christmas ornaments, to add on the tree, too.

Or perhaps make a Christmas Ornament Snowman, on your front porch!

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Is your child excited for Christmas?

Print out our free Christmas Countdown Calendar.

Start out on December 1st and have your little one scratch out dates or place stickers as each day rolls closer to Christmas morn! FREE Christmas Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar- MommySnippets.com


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