Free Printable Roll A Gingerbread Man Game

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Download your free printable Roll A Gingerbread Man Game right here and make this the fun new Christmas-themed gingerbread game everyone loves!

If your family has never played the Roll a Gingerbread Man game, it’s time to remedy that!

This is a fun way to keep kids engaged while they have to wait for dinner to be ready, for those cookies to bake, 

or just need a time filler Christmas vacation game!

I love that this is simple enough for your preschooler to jump in on the fun and enjoy it as much as your high schooler.

You will notice, though, that things will start to get festively competitive with older kids playing this!

Roll a Gingerbread Game

How to play the Roll A Gingerbread Man Game.

This is an easy game for all ages to play. 

Each player starts with a plain gingerbread man, and everybody takes turns rolling the dice. 

The first person to finish decorating their gingerbread man wins.

When is a gingerbread man finished?

A gingerbread man is deemed complete when he has

  • A face
  • A hat
  • A scarf or bowtie
  • Buttons

What is the best way to print the game sheets?

For durability, I would recommend printing the sheets out on white cardstock

Once the sheets have been printed, the first thing you will need to do is cut around the die and assemble it.

Roll A Gingerbread game

Glue the tabs together with Elmer’s glue stick or Elmer’s liquid glue.

(If your kids are like my Ana, who can use a whole glue stick on a single craft project, you should cash in on the savings a box of 30 glue sticks gets you.)

Still unsure how to play? Here’s a detailed play-by-play of how this gingerbread game rolls out.

  • Pass out a gingerbread man to each person playing this game.

Roll A Gingerbread Game

Starting with the youngest first, take turns in throwing the dice.

Thus begins the decorating of the gingerbread man.

For example, if Ana gets a 5 when she rolls the die, she gets to pick an accessory/essential of choice corresponding to the number 5. 

Which, in this case, would be either a smiley face, a green elf’s hat, losing a turn (if picking a bow), or a pair of blue buttons.

Roll A Gingerbread Game

Continue taking turns till the first person completes making his gingerbread man.

This is easy enough for younger kids to play, and yes, there are no limits on the number of people who can play. 

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Free Printable Roll A Gingerbread Game- MommySnippets.com

Once done, whip up some gingerbread dough and enjoy gingerbread men, gingerbread planes, or gingerbread Christmas trees!

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