Macy’s Boston Tree search is on! {Ends October 9, 2015}

Macy's Downtown Boston Tree Search

The year has whizzed by so fast. I can't believe we'll be putting up our Christmas tree in less than two months time. Thankfully ours is an artificial tree so we don't have to go pick one out each year. I do think it's a wonderful annual tradition to do as a family especially if you live where it snows and can go to an evergreen forest to pick out the family tree for the year. That being said, Macy's Downtown Boston store is on the hunt for … [Read more...]

The KitchenAid line is more than just stand mixers now! {#KitchenAid}

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Two years ago I scoured over the Black Friday ads till I found what I was looking for... the perfect deal for a KitchenAid mixer. Fast forward two years and my reliable, does-what-it's-expected-to mixer has yet to fail me. The KitchenAid line is more than just stand mixers now! We're in the market for a new fridge so while looking at options on Best Buy's site I was surprised to find KitchenAid's name among refrigerator brands. Apparently … [Read more...]

3 ways to be prepared for Aunt Flo each month {#UbyKotexSweeps : Ends 10/3}

3 ways to be prepared for Aunt Flo each month {#UbyKotexSweeps} #Ad (1)

Aunt Flo is never a visitor any girl looks forward to and if you've had her visit when you've not been prepared, you know the repercussions are anything but comfortable. One unprepared occasion is enough to ensure you're prepared for your period the next month and the months to follow. 3 ways to be prepared for Aunt Flo each month 1.  Mark down when you get your period each month and a few days prior to that date, the following month, … [Read more...]

Stylish canvas shoes for kids from Cienta {+A #CientaShoes Giveaway}

Stylish canvas shoes for kids from Cienta

I still remember the pair of canvas shoes I owned. A boring white pair that needed to be cleaned at the end of every day. The shoes were comfortable but far from pretty. I love that things have changed so much since then. Canvas shoes don't have to be blah. They can be suave, sparkly and have that I-want-wear-those appeal to them! Stylish canvas shoes for kids from Cienta Cienta is a footwear brand well known and well-loved in … [Read more...]

4 ways to make life, as a parent, so much easier! {#SamsClubBaby}

Father with baby watching the sunrise

As a Mom of a 9 year old, 5 year old and 19 month old, I'm not going to get on a high horse and declare that I've got parenting all figured out. No way! I have learned, though, that there are ways I can make my life easier if I keep 4 things in mind. 4 ways to make life, as a parent, so much easier!  1. It's okay to say no. I promise I've still not mastered this one, yet, but I'm getting there. As a parent, you don't have to say yes to … [Read more...]

2 ingredient Pistachio Toffee {A #PanMovie #FandangoFamily feature}

2 ingredient Pistachio Toffee #PanMovie #FandangoFamily - #Sponsored

If you ever wondered how Peter Pan came to be, your assumptions can be put to rest on October 9th, 2015. Pan opens in theaters across the US and as it does it reveals the story of how the-boy-who-never-grew-up came to find his place in Neverland. Peter is a mischievous 12-year-old boy with an irrepressible rebellious streak, but in the bleak London orphanage where he has lived his whole life those qualities do not exactly fly. Then one … [Read more...]

50 must try Pumpkin Recipes this Fall

50 must try Pumpkin Recipes this Fall-

My kids get excited whenever Fall rolls around. Now we're in a corner of Texas that really doesn't experience Fall like weather so it's only when they see the big red circle on my calendar that they know it's pumpkin season. Yes it's scorching outside but that doesn't stop baked treats from being churned out of my kitchen especially since the kids wait a good number of months for pumpkin based ones! This year I plan to try several new … [Read more...]

How to wear a backpack

How to Wear A Backpack-

  Back to school means backpack time! Kids love picking out backpacks with their favorite superheroes or Disney stars but overstuffed packs can take a toll on young bodies. Are your kids wearing their backpacks the right way? Parents should be aware that overloaded backpacks can cause back pain if worn improperly. How to wear a backpack Dr. Andrew Casden says “overloaded backpacks can lead to fatigue, muscle irritation and tiny … [Read more...]