Olive Garden’s Buy One Take One promotion is back till October 4, 2015

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This week has been an emotional one for us with Little Man starting Kindergarten this past Monday. Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 began with more than just a fair share of tears so Hubs and I were bracing ourselves for waterworks on the first day of big kids school. By God's Grace, Little Man was brave and didn't shed a single tear. We were naturally shocked and immensely grateful for answered prayer. Yesterday was day 3 at school and we … [Read more...]

My child needs braces. Now what?

Dental Plans (1)

A week before school started we visited our dentist to get the kids' teeth cleaned and checked for cavities, if any. Thankfully we got the all clear and the kids were relieved that their dental hygienists commennded them on their teeth upkeep. When the dentist came in to look over the work done, he seconded their commendations but did suggest we visit an orthodontist over the course of the next few months. Poor Dottie has inherited Hubs' … [Read more...]

Affordable prescription eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect


Last year a friend of ours found out that her daughter needed prescription glasses to help her read the projector slides at school. Not having insurance to cover the cost of her glasses resulted in the family putting off getting the child a pair. Several weeks down the line they mentioned they finally ordered her a pair through EyeBuyDirect, excited that they didn't have to shell out too much on the glasses they'd been waiting to … [Read more...]

When children pray…

Is ANYTHING too hard for the LORD-

Over two years ago, we took Dottie and Little Man to the local shelter to volunteer as a trade off as we weren't able to adopt a dog of our own. From that point on, till Friday night, after praying for family members, they would pray for the animals at the shelter... that God would give them all homes and owners who would love and care for them. When children pray... To be honest, there were evenings Hubs and I … [Read more...]

7 easy hairstyles for school {#StraightAStyle}

7 easy hairstyles for school with Goody accessories. {#StraightAStyle}-Mommy Snippets

My 9 year old has used Goody accessories from the time she was a toddler. So when I was asked if I would review their #StraightAStyle back to school products, I couldn't help but say YES! I've been an ardent fan of Goody's products for my daughters because they're reliable (I'm yet to have Dottie come home from school with a snapped hairband or ponytailer), affordable (all their products retail at $5 or less at Walmart and Walgreens) and … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Bib! {#TommeeMommee}

Tommee Tippee bib

Some babies grow up having a favorite blanky. Others may have a pacifier they can't do without. Baby Girl has neither but she does have... The Ultimate Bib! This Tommee Tippee bib has been in our home from the time Baby Girl was born. It has been my greatest parenting hack with Baby Girl. It has served well as a drool-catcher, spit-up-holder and pretty-dress-protector. With 3 supplementary sibling bibs (for when one or the other … [Read more...]

A practical gift for students {Back to School with #SanDisk}

A practical gift for students { Back to School with #SanDisk}

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for the feature "A practical gift for students {Back to School with #SanDisk}" A good friend of ours is getting ready to leave for medical school and as is customary, she will receive farewell gifts from friends and family. I've been told the mugs and pens are already stacking up! With limited space in baggage to carry all the gifts she has received and will be receiving, … [Read more...]

Deconstructed Hatch Pepper Kebabs Recipe {+ A #PrimoPicks GetTogether}

Deconstructed Hatch Pepper Kebabs - MommySnippets (1)

This summer has been busy. Crazy busy!! But in a good way. We were so blessed to be able to open our home to dear friends of ours who we've been friends with since my oldest was 18 months old. Several years ago they moved to the other end of this big ol' state and we've missed them so much. When we heard they were visiting our corner of Texas we insisted they bunk with us. It was two days of laughter, activity, fellowshipping around my … [Read more...]