3 things to remember, for your Texas baby, this Fall.

Tommee Tippee Fiesta

We're heading into the last quarter of the year and here in Texas it's "hot as a boiling pot!" (Something my 8 year old coined up!)It looks like we will have quite some time to wait before cooler weather rolls in. And if it will be anything like last year, Fall will just be a warmer, less than killer, version of summer. Whew, thank God for air-conditioning!So here's some Mommy-to-Mommy advice for y'all...3 things to remember, for your Texas baby, … [Read more...]

3 reasons why the Embassy Suites San Antonio Riverwalk is just right for large families.

Embassy Suites (17)

After the birth of our youngest, six months ago, we graduated to the status of a large family. (At least in the eyes of many.) We love to travel and since the kids are still young, bunking in one hotel room isn't really an issue. 5 years from now, that will be a different story. On a recent trip to San Antonio,we stayed at the Embassy Suites San Antonio Riverwalk - Downtown. We haven't stayed in this chain of Hilton's prior to this but had … [Read more...]

LeapTV… 3 ways to play. Oh yeah!

LeapTV  Best Gaming System for Kids – Educational Video Games   LeapFrog

My kids being outdoors.Unfortunately Texas summers are anything but forgiving so yes, unfortunately most of this summer was spent indoors all morning except on soccer mornings. While they love the sport, the heat zapped energy, excitement and all, so by the end of each morning they looked and felt like something the cat dragged into the house! So yes, I'm not sure if I'm secretly looking forward to the LeapTV coming out. (Pre-sale order … [Read more...]

We’re going to show you another side of France. {#SpiritualFrance}

Photo Credit: Chatres Centre International Du Vitrail

A month ago I received an invite of a lifetime. One that I continue to thank God for because I see His Hand in it from the moment it reached my inbox. I was invited on an all expense paid trip to France. Yes, the very same France in Europe!! A tour that would involve drinking in the beauty of the French countryside, basking in the serenity of the basilicas and cathedrals, and basically seeing France from a whole new perspective... the … [Read more...]

Orange Marmalade Nut Muffins and Paddington

Orange Marmalade Nut Muffins and Paddington (7)

In our home, marmalade is synonymous with the little bear with a big personality, Paddington. Marmalade is something you generally have to develop a taste for. While my son took to it quickly, my daughter, well, has had quite a love-hate relationship with the same. (I can see Paddington cringing!) When something like this happens I try hiding the flavors in a treat she loves and see if that changes her mind on things. Thus, the birth of my … [Read more...]

What’s your social personality?

Social Personality

Did you know each of us have a social imprint? A mark left in the digital world... one that reflects our social personality? If someone went back and traced your social media imprint, what would they see? As bloggers/content writers, we put forth our best when a brand approaches us to help promote a campaign. The professionalism shown is impeccable on practically every social channel you're on. But it really doesn't end there. When … [Read more...]

LeapTV…a parent approved, kid-centric video gaming system. Seriously!


I'm that Mom, yes that Mom, who doesn't encourage videos games at home. I guess LeapFrog figured Moms like me needed to look at video games from a whole new angle... They can be educative. They can be violence-free. They can be kid-centric and yes, parent approved... when you're talking about the LeapTV!   My kids have owned a LeapFrog product in practically every stage of their growing lives and this is a brand I … [Read more...]