Biscotti Bites…a sweet lover’s weakness!

Biscotti Bites

I have a sweet tooth. A huge one! I've tried staying away from sweets but find myself rummaging through the fridge or pantry, looking for something to satisfy my craving. And no, I'm not pregnant!! This is one craving that has stuck from childhood! But in my defense I have to add that I get put off by excessively sweet treats. Candy doesn't feature on my go-to list, nor does heavily frosted cakes. Cookies that include nuts in the same … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Pregnant Moms {+ A free sample!}

5 Tips for Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant is a beautiful feeling. Carrying a tiny life in your womb, feeling your little one grow, kick, squirm and hiccup over the months is something only you will be able to experience. God blessed my womb thrice and I have to admit, none of my pregnancies were exactly the same. With Dottie, I didn't feel cramps nor did I have any major food cravings. With Little Man, I craved Indian airplane food that's served on long leg … [Read more...]

When you marry your best friend… {#SparkleWithDASANI}

Happy marriages

13 years ago I married my best friend. It was the best decision I ever made and honestly being married to him is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. (Right alongside the birth of all three of our beautiful children) When you marry your best friend... you get to walk life's journey with someone who loves you for who you are, understands from just where you're coming from, overlooks your bleh days and hugs you when it's … [Read more...]

Omni Colonnade’s Aquatica Kids’ Suite (A Photo Tour!)

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (26)

It's no secret... we love San Antonio's Omni Colonnade property! So when we were invited to stay in their much talked about, brand new, Aquatica Kids Suite, Hubs and I couldn't help but beam with excitement. The kids knew we were visiting SeaWorld San Antonio that weekend for AdventureCon14 but had no idea we had this surprise stay all set up! The Aquatica Suite was mentioned a few times on our last visit, a few months prior, and they … [Read more...]

Healthy Popcorn Trail Mix for Movie Night {#StreamTeam}

Healthy Popcorn Trail Mix

Our family loves Family Movie Nights. It's an evening to forget about everything else, cuddle on the couch, munch popcorn and watch a movie the whole family can agree upon. While I have nothing personal against popcorn, I prefer adding my spin on it by throwing in some healthy munchies to the mix! So yes, Family Movie Night in our home, comes with holders brimming with Healthy Popcorn Trail Mix. . What's Healthy Popcorn Trail … [Read more...]

Travel tips to help you enjoy that Mediterranean Cruise

Travel tips to help you enjoy that Mediterranean Cruise- cruisedeals

If you've been wondering what sort of a vacation to take and have been hemming and hawing over travel brochures, consider doing something different. Consider choosing the Mediterranean region for a vacation that will open the door to many great destinations. How can you do that? By taking a cruise on its waters, thereby giving you the opportunity to see a lot of the Mediterranean region. Signing up for a Mediterranean cruise is like … [Read more...]

A more convenient way to clean with the Hoover Air Cordless Series {#RethinkCleaning}


  When you live in a home with wall to wall carpeting that's a bright beige in color, your heart leaps to your throat when your child decides to skip through the backyard, right after the rains, in nothing but bare feet or when they decide to rub colorful chalk dust all over their feet and hands or choose to trail in caked mud crumbles after a morning out at the local pond, fishing for little critters. Though it's … [Read more...]

Yet to visit Alabama? Enter the HUGE road trip giveaway!


I have a few places on my travel bucket list but Alabama was never one of them, till I saw this photograph... It isn't hard to see what made me change my mind.   Alabama had close to 24 million travelers visit this past year and it's clear to see, it's definitely a travel destination to check out. If you're yet to visit Alabama,  one way you could find yourself getting there is by winning one of 7 theme-centric road trip … [Read more...]

A letter to my son… {#YourExtraordinaryKid }

Extraordinary kid (4)

To me, all three of my children are extraordinary. They're one of a kind, amazing beings, who're beyond compare. They're my most precious gifts from God and they've made my life as a Mom, rich! My Little Man is our middle child. The only boy, sandwiched between two sisters. His bubbly personality is such a joy to be around and his sensitive, sweet, side is one I pray will always remain. Thinking of him growing up is hard, so, in an … [Read more...]

Cow Appreciation Day on July 11 means FREE Chick-fil-A


  July 11, is just a few days away. What does that mean?... Cow Appreciation Day is back! Though we're huge Chick-fil-A fans, my family has never dressed up for the day (Hubs wouldn't think of it! ). This year I thought it would be neat to join in the fun and dress up, with the sole reason to make memories with our kids. I'm sure I will be able to think of something for the kids but Hubs insists, even if he does do this, he … [Read more...]