Encouraging a child to make a difference

You are never too young to make a difference

I love that my children love to dream. The hows and whys are never thought about. They just dream of achieving something and hold onto that hope. While all that is wished for cannot be practically put into motion, there are those little seed dreams we can water. I strongly believe that a child is never to young to make a difference in the world and it's our responsibility, as parents, to encourage that drive when we see it slowly … [Read more...]

Dairy farm village Graindorge


Bonjour! If you missed what all this is about and my travel day, head back to An American traveling in France to get caught up. First real day in France and I woke up ready to go! I should have honestly slept longer, but at that time I was yet to be tired.  After a large and amazingly good cup of coffee (via the Hotel!) we headed off to a cheese factory. As you already know, cheese and french bread is a huge staple in the country so it was … [Read more...]

An American in France: Traveling Day


About a month ago Marina approached me regarding a trip she was offered for her blog centered around Spiritual France. Unfortunately she could not take the press trip and wanted to know if I would go in her spot and come back and share some of the beautiful sites on the other side of the world. To be perfectly honest, while it had been 21 years since I had been across the pond so to speak, I was hesitant. Not only was it a long flight, but I work … [Read more...]

HarperCollins Book Guide for Kids (2014 Fall Publications)

By Jane O'Connor

We’ve been blessed to partner with HarperCollins to share with you a few of 2014's publications as they hit the book shelves around the Nation. As you know, our kids love books and I find so much joy in seeing my 4 year old spend evenings poring over large picture books even though he hasn't learnt to read just as yet.  Books are gifts we, as parents, never say no to. We are picky about the books our kids read though and yes, we do sieve … [Read more...]

Choosing hope over fear

Choosing hope over fear

Earlier this morning I met with a friend who was ecstatic her husband is coming home this evening after a work assignment abroad. While the excitement was very tangible, she mentioned there was a deep-down gnawing feeling, one of fear, that kept cropping up. You see, he has to get on a plane to come home and yes, being 9/11 and all, her fear was understandable. While we chatted we agreed while anything could happen anywhere, we needed to focus on … [Read more...]

How taking your immunizations at Walgreens can save lives.

How taking your immunizations at Walgreens can save lives.

Disclosure: "How taking your immunizations at Walgreens can save lives" is a compensated feature as a member of the Social Fabric Community. All opinions are nevertheless the author's own. #GetAShot #CollectiveBias   Throughout all my 3 pregnancies I've been asked by countless people whether I want a baby boy or a baby girl. My response has always been the same... "It makes no difference to us. As long as we're blessed with healthy … [Read more...]

Why we choose Tsukihoshi shoes for our kids.

Tsukihoshi shoes

A few months prior to my son's birth in 2010, we were introduced to the Japanese original footwear for kids, Tsukihoshi. Every year since then, we have been invited to review their back-to-school line and every year I've said yes because these are the only shoes that actually last my kids all through an entire school year. (The only reason we have had to move the kids out of a pair is because they've outgrown the same.) Shoes average … [Read more...]