Your Vote Can Change A Community. (#SFNeighborhoodAssist)

State Farm Assist

“I participated in an Influencer Activation for State Farm Neighborhood Assist. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” When  my 15 month old is hungry, she'll toddle up to me and ask for some "Mum". Her favorite snack is watermelon chunks and orange slivers. Most often we take for granted the easy availability of food in our kitchen, to feed our kids. There are children in my daughter's school for whom the … [Read more...]

Free Kraft “Kick-Off Your Summer Cookbook” Available Now. (#CookingUpSummer)


Summer is almost here! My preschooler finishes with school by the end of this week and my 9 year old finishes the first week of June. Needless to say the countdown has begun for both. The kids have tons of plans and I'm thinking we really need to draft out a summer bucket list to make sure we try and attempt to cross off most summer must-dos. Free Kraft "Kick-Off Your Summer Cookbook" Available Now. One thing I will be adding on that … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Girl Scouts SWAPS Idea and Tutorial

Easy DIY Girl Scouts SWAPS Idea & Tutorial - MommySnippets (3)

Exchanging SWAPS is an age-old Girl Scouts tradition. (SWAPS stands for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.)  My daughter needed to make 100 SWAPS for a Girl Scouts event this past weekend and while that doesn't seem much to seasoned Girl Scouts, I have to admit the thought of doing 100 SWAPS did have this novice Girl Scout Mom a little concerned. After a lot of Pinterest searching, craft box rummaging and … [Read more...]

Teach your child to swim. {Tips + A #SwimWays Giveaway!}


“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SwimWays. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”   There are certain skills every child must be taught. Swimming is one of them. When Dottie was first introduced to the pool, she took to it excitedly.  Little Man was another story altogether. He loved being in the water, held by Daddy, … [Read more...]

Wow! A Distinctive Assets Mom’s Surprise Gift Bag Giveaway-Over $1000 in value (Ends 5/24)

Win a Distinctive Assets Mom's Day Surprise Gift Bag (Valued over $1000)-Mommy Snippets hosted . Ends 5-24-2015

  Yesterday, on Mother's Day, Distinctive Assets, an LA-based entertainment and marketing company, continued with its 15 year old tradition of gifting 25 celebrity Moms with "Thank You Mom" gift bags. Pssst! Distinctive Assets produces the gift bags and talent lounges for many major award shows including GRAMMYs, Latin GRAMMYs, Oscars and Emmys. The gift bags held innovative, useful, fun and exciting products and services. Lots of … [Read more...]

Last minute practical gifts for Mother’s Day

Last minute practical gifts for Mother's Day

Some Mamas love receiving pretty things for Mother's Day. Designer labels, perfumes, jewelry etc. I, though, prefer to receive practical gifts. Gifts that I can use through the year, not just for a special occasion. And no, they don't have to be expensive gifts. If the Mama you're shopping for is like me, I think I can give you a few ideas to make shopping just a tad bit easier! Last minute practical gifts for Mother's Day. The wonderful … [Read more...]

Spring Allergies: Symptoms and Remedies {#SneezeFreeSpring}

Spring Allergies Symptoms and Remedies (1)

When we moved to our corner of Texas my oldest was 18 months old. Every few weeks or so she would come down with the sniffles or a dry cough. Being our first child, we were overtly cautious and would run to her pediatrician for a check up. Her ped. would run tests on her and prescribe medication for her to take till the sniffles or cough stopped. It was only when we switched pediatricians 2 years later that we realized we'd been subjecting our … [Read more...]

Netflix shows for Foodies and Wannabe Cooks. {#StreamTeam}


When we had cable, besides watching their favorite Disney and PBS cartoons and shows on TV, our kids loved watching the Food Network channel. Our kids are mini foodies. They love trying out new food, anything bland automatically figures way down on their rating sheet and food related reality shows are favorite picks when we settle down to watch something quick as a family. Netflix shows for Foodies and Wannabe Cooks. Do I miss being able … [Read more...]