Opening up a world of possibilities with GoldieBlox {+ A #LookAtGoldie Giveaway}


When I first saw this quote on the Goldieblox Facebook page I knew the invitation to test out their toys and share an honest opinion on the same was going to mean so much more for my 8 year old. You see, she's our voracious reader. Finding a few spare minutes on hand, sends her straight to our home library to dig out a book, to read a page or two. She's happiest with books and honestly, we love that. Reading has helped sharpen her creative … [Read more...]

Raising Brave Girls in God’s Word, for this world.{+ Brave Girls Bible Stories Giveaway}

Brave Girls

If you ask my daughter to tell you who her favorite Bible person is, she will answer, without any hesitation, Esther. There's something about Esther's life that has struck a chord in my daughter's spirit and I love that. As a Mom, I pray, like Esther, my daughter will be able to live out her life's calling with boldness and faith. Raising daughters (and sons too) in today's world is not easy. There's so much out there that dilutes family … [Read more...]

“Showering” your hostess with love {Bridal Shower Hostess Gift Idea}

Bridal Shower Hostess Gift Idea

I love gifts that involve a play on words. So when I was sent an assortment of Softsoap body washes I thought these would make the cutest inclusions for a gift basket for a B.F.F., a special baby shower hostess or better yet a bridal shower hostess.  . "Shower" the hostess with this fun and affordable bridal shower hostess gift   You can choose to make a gift basket with an assortment of body washes or choose a fragrance you know … [Read more...]

Fitted for Fall with American Eagle Outfitters Denim Collection


There's one thing every woman needs in her closet... a good pair of jeans. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I live in jeans. Literally! It's that one thing in the closet that's easy to dress up, yet just as easy to dress down, when required. American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) understands that jeans are every gal's best friend. The American Eagle denim collection offers 13 different jean fits for women, ranging over 48 … [Read more...]

The hunt for Macy’s Boston Downtown Crossing store’s 2014 Christmas tree is on!


Every year, Macy's Boston Downtown Crossing store showcases a stellar Christmas tree, that catches the eye of many. What many don't know is that Macy's makes no secret in searching for that perfect tree to be placed atop the marquee at their Boston store. Last year's 32 foot, 21 year old, blue spruce tree came from a local Hampton Falls family. What did the family get out of donating their tree to Macy's? Besides bragging rights … [Read more...]

Homemade remedy for a sore throat

Homemade remedy for a sore throat

A few days ago my son woke up with a sore throat. Being 4, he's not a fan of warm water and salt gargling so I had to think of another way to soothe his throat besides downing warm liquids. I decided to brew an age-old remedy that has worked great on my throat. All the ingredients are 100% natural and 100% safe for a child to consume. The spice aspect takes some getting used to but when you mix the concoction with lemon juice and honey, it really … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m a Protective Mom.

Child exploring

Disclosure: “Yes, I'm a Protective Mom ” is a compensated feature as a member of the Social Fabric Community. All opinions are nevertheless the author’s own. #IAmProtective #CollectiveBias   Prior to my first-born's birth, I was absorbed in my work as a Business Development Manager in the corporate world. We decided to wait a few years before having our first child. 4 years later, our precious daughter was born. 4 years after that our … [Read more...]