The Best Shark Week Fun – Gummy Sharks in Jello Cups Recipe and MORE!

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I know what piqued your interest- Gummy Sharks in Jello Cups, right? 

Well, why not?

It’s a fun way to celebrate Shark Week!!

Wait! What is Shark Week?

Shark week is a celebration of all things sharks, initiated by the folks over at the Discovery Channel.

Besides being a week filled with the best shark-centric documentaries, it’s also a wonderful way to encourage families to

  • appreciate these incredible creatures,
  • rid themselves of childhood misconceptions, and
  • consciously support conservation efforts to protect sharks of every size.

Get your kids excited about sharks with educational books, themed treats like our Gummy Shark Jello Cups, more shark week recipes, crafts, activities, and more!

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How to make the Ultimate Ocean Jello Cups Treat:  Gummy Sharks in Jello Cups!

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you will know I love making fun treats to celebrate new movie releases, soccer games, special milestones etc.

So why shouldn’t we do something for Shark Week, right?

The initial plan was to make some blue Jello cups

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

and top that with whipped cream and a few shark gummies.

Wait! Where can I buy Gummy Sharks?

We got our bag of gummy sharks on a recent curbside pickup at Target.

They come to under $2 a bag.

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

Amazon has a larger 1 lb bag of baby blue Gummy Sharks for under $8!

Did you know you can also find

Now that we have the shark gummy requirement covered let’s get back to our jello cups.

I remembered I had a pack of vanilla pudding mix in the pantry that needed to be used up,

hence the creation of these fun Shark Gummy In Ocean Jello Cups.

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

This is so incredibly easy to put together and would make fun party treats for an underwater-themed birthday party.

Just get a few transparent, 8 oz plastic cups with lids and they will be perfect for that dessert table.

How I make our Ocean Jello Cups:

1. Start by making the Vanilla Pudding, following the instructions on the box.

2. Grab 4 slabs of Graham Crackers or a cupful of Teddy Grahams, and crush them to crumbles.

Gummy Shark Jello CupsEqually, portion these into the 6 (or 8) 8oz glasses you have set aside.Gummy Shark Jello Cups

This right here is your ocean bed

3. Pour the vanilla pudding into each cup, ensuring you have equal amounts to a cup.

Set the cups aside.Gummy Shark Jello Cups

4. Now prepare the Jello, as per the instructions on the box.

5. When done, pour out the Jello into each cup, ensuring each cup has equal amounts of Jello in it.Gummy Shark Jello Cups

The vanilla pudding and crackers will mix into the Jello.

This is perfectly fine.

This gives your treat cups more of an ocean feel, with the currents swirling, the tide foam, plant life floating etc.

Yes, Ocean Jello Cups!

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

6. Place the cups in the refrigerator when done.

Leave it in to set.

(You will know it has set when you jiggle the cup and the jiggle is more controlled and the surface is firm but jiggly to touch.)The best Shark Week fun - books, Gummy Shark Jello Cups

7. Once done, invite your child to help top the treat with a tide of whipped cream.

(Yes, it may get messy, but remember the squeals of laughter are worth it!)The best Shark Week fun - books, Gummy Shark Jello Cups

Now add those hungry, swimming gummy sharks.


Gummy Sharks in Jello Cups!

How to make Gummy Shark Jello Cups- MommySnippets.com

How cute is that?

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

Here’s a printable version of the recipe:

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

Gummy Sharks in Jello Cups Recipe

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 box Blue Jello Ingredients required to make the Jello has not been included.
  • 1 box Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding Ingredients required to make the pudding has not been included.
  • 1 bag gummy sharks
  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbles


  1. Start by making the Vanilla Pudding, following the instruction on the box.

  2. Grab a cupful of Teddy Grahams ,and crush them to crumbles. 

  3. Equally portion these into the 6 (or 8) 8oz glasses you have set aside.

  4. Pour the vanilla pudding into each cup, ensuring you have equal amounts to a cup. Set the cups aside.

  5. Now prepare the Jello, as per the instructions on the box.

  6. When done, pour out the Jello into each cup, ensuring each cup has equal amounts of Jello in it.

  7. Place the cups in the refrigerator when done. Leave it in to set.

  8. Once the jello mix has set, top each treat cup with whipped cream.

  9. Finally add a gummy shark, or 2 or 3, on top of the whipped cream.

Shark Coloring Pages with Shark Teeth Facts and MORE!

How can you not download and print these free shark coloring pages?Free Shark Printables- Shark Coloring Pages and More Shark Week Fun!

They’re absolutely adorable. 

Take a look at this Hammerhead Shark coloring page!

What makes these free shark printables a winner is the inclusion of a fun shark fact on each page.

Books about Sharks to Add to Your Library

National Geographic Kids have the best educational books on practically every subject under the sun, so it’s no surprise that they have more than just a few shark resources, you will want to add to your child’s library.


The Ultimate Book of Sharks (ages 9-12, hardcover, $19.99) by internationally acclaimed marine photographer and National Geographic Explorer Brian Skerry is an underwater adventure like no other.  With exclusive photographs and personal insight from Skerry, this book takes the reader below the surface and into the minds of these spectacular predators.
Older kids may enjoy reading Sharks (ages 12+, hardcover, $25) by Brian Skerry too.  This coffee table book showcases Skerry’s photographs spanning from his early work, photographing them from cages, to his recent unencumbered scuba dives. With additional text by top National Geographic writers, Skerry’s images and stories encourage a change in attitude toward these top predators, ultimately showing how they are the keys to the healthy balance of nature underwater.
The photographs in this book are magnificent. With specific concentration on 4 sharks- The Great White, Tiger, Shortfin Mako and Oceanic Whitetip, Brian shares lots of important resources to educate the reader, and includes stories from his adventures to draw the reader into a place of respect for these giant personalities of the ocean.
National Geographic Readers: Sharks! (ages 5-8, paperback, $4.99) – He’s quick. He’s silent. He has five rows of deadly teeth. Chomp! Meet the shark—the fish who ruled the deep before dinosaurs roamed the Earth! 

So Cool! Sharks (ages 3-7, hardcover, $6.99 ) – Sharks are among the world’s top predators, but that’s just ONE reason why they are SO COOL. So who wouldn’t want to hang out with them to learn more! These books blend awesome animal photos with silly quips and info that will delight young readers and animal enthusiasts.

shark book
Packed with shark facts and funnies, kids will enjoy learning and laughing while going through this book. This has been deemed Ana’s favorite shark book of all!

Check out more Shark Week Recipes:

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Make Learning About Sharks a Lot of Fun

You can teach your children about sharks while having a lot of fun doing so when you use these resources and print off the Shark Week printable.

You’ll get your children involved in coloring, writing, and reading all about these animals.

Once your children complete the printable, enjoy their treats, and learn more about these amazingly large and powerful creatures of the ocean, they’ll likely become huge fans.

You can expect them to look forward to celebrating Shark Week with you every year!

Shark Week FUN!



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