15 Earth Day Activities For Kindergarten Aged Kids and Older! (Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt)

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Let’s raise a generation that cares for the world they live in. Celebrate with a free printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and more Earth Day activities for kindergarten-aged kids and older!

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year. Start a new family tradition this year! Celebrate Earth day with fun Earth Day activities like an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

It’s a day set aside to encourage people to stop, reflect and find ways to protect, support, and conserve our planet. 

We need to raise a generation that cares for the world they live in.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt + 15 Earth Day Activities For Kindergarten Aged Kids and Older

1. Make a bird feeder, a reptile pond, or a worm habitat, in your backyard,  with your child.

2. Make it a family event and go spend an hour or two at your local Birding Center or Nature Park,

just exploring the place and appreciating all you see around. 

3. Call the day ‘Recycle Day’.

Walk through your home, picking up and separating stuff that needs to be thrown away but can be recycled.

Once everything’s collected in empty boxes or designated recycle bins,

make a trip down to the local Recycle Center,

and have your child sort and drop off all your recyclable trash.

4. Walk through your home and help identify ways your family can be kinder to the planet.

For example, leaky faucets will need to be fixed.

Switch light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs. This is not just better for the environment but will help make that monthly energy bill a little smaller!

5. Visit the local nursery and have your child choose a sapling or buy seeds to plant flowers or a small tree in your garden.

Consider buying organic, non-GMO certified seeds for your garden.

A symbolic way of giving back to the earth.

6. Go on an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt.

This is always a lot of fun, and yes, you could even have a competition to see who finishes marking off the list first.

The prize could be their choice of a sapling, or perhaps even a nature-inspired activity.

I’ve included a free Scavenger Hunt printable AND a printable list of 27 Earth Day activities for kids and grown-ups to enjoy.

I’m sure your kids will beg you to make your Earth Day celebration an annual family affair after this!

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Now for more Earth Day activities:

7. Declare it to be ‘Minimize Waste Day’.

Cut down on the use of paper plates, paper napkins, plastic bags, plastic cutlery etc.

Swap out disposable plates and bowls with my favorite, everyday-use, dining set from Corelle and see if your family can vow to carry the movement forward to the next day…

and the next,

and the next.

8.  Have your child help you sort through outgrown, gently used clothes and set them aside to give to a local missionary, the Salvation Army store, or to a family you may know who would be blessed to receive the same.

9. Sit down and watch a Disneynature movie, Life, or a National Geographic documentary to appreciate the beautiful Earth, God has blessed us with.

10. Do a recycled craft project.

(Who said Thankful Turkeys are only reserved for Thanksgiving? Be thankful always, right?)

Thankful Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft You can find tons of ideas on my Earth Day Activities For Kids Pinterest board.

11. Pull out everyone’s old, tattered jeans and upcycle them with these clever upcycle ideas from the Proverbs 31 Woman.

12. Celebrate with a party!

Try to make everything from scratch, incorporate lots of fresh fruit and veggies and avoid including any processed foods on the menu.

Make this much-loved mixed fried rice without any soy sauce (That’s right, no soy sauce!)

or try this Fattoush.


Psst! Ever wondered how to extend the life of your organic and veggies?

Spend a little time educating your family on the importance of staying away from the dirty dozen.

13. Clean up your neighborhood

Take a walk with the family, carry a trash bag each, wear gloves and pick up as much trash as you can, in an hour.

Make it fun by challenging your family with prizes.

A prize for the person who picks up the most trash, and one for the person who picks the most unique/strange piece of trash. (A doll’s head, a lost shoe…anything!)

14. Repurpose jars, bottles, and containers.

I love to reuse pasta jar bottles to hold dry lentils and my coconut oil bottles for dry Indian spices.

Why, you could even transform your bottles into pencil holders

or a teacher appreciation craft, instead of using mason jars.

15. Finally, teach your child the importance of composting, 

and how to compost.

How does your family celebrate Earth Day?

15 ways your family can celebrate Earth Day- MommySnippets.com


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