Free Printable Sermon Notes for Kids- Engage Kids in Church

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Help a child engage during a church service with these free printable Sermon Notes for Kids- available for older kids and younger. Download your copy now!

My youngest daughter has recently asked to sit in with us during service and has been taking notes alongside me as the sermon is preached. When I designed the printable Sermon Notes for Kids, I thought of kids like her, who go a few Sundays wanting to sit alongside Mom and Dad in the adult church over kids’ church. 

Instead of having them flip through pages of a book or draw, encourage them to engage during the service by taking notes of what they hear during the sermon. 

What do the Sermon Notes for Kids include?

My free printable sermon notes templates include a design for younger kids and one for older kids.

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

For younger children, the Church Notes sheet includes spaces for them to write:

  • The name of the church 
  • Their favorite song during service
  • The name of the pastor/priest/preacher who delivered the sermon
  • The primary Bible passage reference
  • One nugget they learned from the sermon
  • Who they think God is to them- this could be a general question or regarding the sermon shared.

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

The sheet also includes a space for the child to draw a picture reflecting their understanding of the sermon.

This is a simple way to encourage a child to stay plugged into the sermon.

And this is a great way to introduce the art of note-taking during a sermon.

Now, for older kids with a greater attention span, the sermon notes template is designed to allow more space to write down key points from the sermon.

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

The Kids Sermon Notes sheet includes a space to write:

  • Scripture references from the sermon
  • What your child learned or received from the message shared
  • How the sermon may be put into practical application
  • Prayer points for the week.
  • Who they feel God is- again, this may be based on the sermon or just in general.

The sheet also includes an intricately designed cross your child may color to help focus at any point of the sermon when they start feeling a little restless.

Our church is going through the book of Joshua, and this past Sunday, the passage reference was from Joshua 6, the story of the Israelites marching around the wall of Jericho.Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

The message centered around how we can overcome obstacles, and I love how Ana wrote, “God is my leader.”

When asked what made her write this, she explained that if we followed God and obeyed Him, He would help us through things.

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

He would lead us through it all.

I love that!

Why I believe children need to be introduced to the art of note-taking

I believe writing key points from what you hear is an effective memory retention tool. 

Writing notes has always helped me remember what I heard (even way back in college),

and allows me to go home and look over Scripture references, 

or even come back to the notes at a time when I need them the most. 

Introducing this art to children at a young age helps them develop this excellent habit,

and allows a child to engage, be an attentive part of the church service, and receive from the same.

Printable Sermon Notes for Kids

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Printable Sermon Notes for Kids- the Best Way to Engage Kids in Church

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