Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids: 8 Superhero Valentines!

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If you’re looking for free printable Valentine’s Cards for kids and your kids love superheroes, these Superhero Valentines are the sweetest!

I’m not a fan of store-bought valentines-

They’re either too small (have you seen those tiny cards?) or aren’t something I would be comfortable having my kids exchange with friends.

You may be in the same boat, so this may help-

I’ve designed free printable Valentine’s cards for kids that are child-appropriate and are perfect for classroom exchanges.

Here are some of my older free printable Valentines for kids:

How cute are they?

And they’re perfect to pass out to all your child’s friends.

I couldn’t help but add another set of free printable Valentines for school.

A lot of kids love superheroes, so why not, right?

Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids: 8 Superhero Valentines!The Superhero Valentines Your Child Will Want To Give Friends!

These free kids’ Valentines come with two superhero theme inspired messages:

The Superman inspired cards read-

“To a SUPER friend”

while the Captain America inspired cards read-

“To an AMAZING friend”Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids 8 Superhero Valentines!

The 8 unique superhero cards include 4 superheroes and 4 superheroines. 

Add fun superhero favors to the card and have your child pass these out to class buddies and friends:

If you’re looking for an edible packaged treat, you could consider:

If you’re handing out homemade treats, use your child’s favorite superhero colors to make and package these 3 ingredient Valentine pretzel treats. These are always a big hit with the kids.

Valentine Treats for Kids

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You can also get these Superhero valentines in my Etsy store for a nominal price.

Which Superhero Valentine card design is your favorite?

Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Kids 8 Superhero Valentines!