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How to Clean up Spilled Scentsy Wax Easily.

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Early this morning before the kids woke up, Hubs and I decided we’d color our grays. After doing his hair I decided to work on mine in the bathroom leisurely. Everything was going okay till I tried to move a strand of hair away from my nose and in the process banged my elbow on the Scentsy warmer plugged into the wall socket, and yes, it happened. The hot scentsy wax flew out of the warmer

and splattered all over my white ceramic sink bowl.

Seemingly looking as if not a spot was spared!

My mind went on overdrive.

All the questions ran through my mind.

How to remove Scentsy wax?

How to get Scentsy wax off the wall?

How to clean wax off outside the Scentsy warmer?

I’m sure you can now picture just how bad my Scentsy wax warmer spill was!

How to clean a Scentsy wax spill easily (3)

I spent some time googling my concerns.

Needless to say, the internet gave me gazillion suggestions and yes, I tried practically everything.

But only one worked wonders when I gave it a try.

How to remove Scentsy wax?

The next time Scentsy wax spills onto your countertop, floor, or wall, don’t freak out.

Just do what I did!

How to clean a Scentsy Wax Spill easily

All you need is your hairdryer and some paper napkins/towels to get to work.

You read right!

No cleaning solutions are needed.

Just a plain ol’ hairdryer and paper napkins /paper towels.

Switch on your hairdryer to the maximum heat and allow it to blow over the dried wax area.

The wax will begin to melt in just a few seconds.

As it melts away, wipe up the wet wax with your paper napkin.

(The last thing you want is to have wet wax running into a sink drain, only to clog the same up later!)

How to clean a Scentsy wax spill easily (6)

Work patiently and soon you will have your once wax-splattered surface looking as good as new.


How to clean a Scentsy wax spill easily (1)


This is also how to clean wax off outside of a Scentsy warmer too!

You can say goodbye to those days of scraping off hardened wax with a butter knife!

(Yes, speaking from experience here!)

It helps to remember these easy hacks especially when you have a day packed with activity!

How to clean a Scentsy wax spill EASILY

Have you ever had any Scentsy or candle wax accidents? What did you do to clean up the mess?

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  1. Wow that is a great hack to know. Nothing recently since I’ve been avoiding candles since having kids – I just have an entire stash waiting to be lit!

  2. That’s a great idea! I had a pretty epic wax spill on my kitchen counter, and it took me FOREVER to clean it up.

  3. I’ve had my share of candle wax mishaps. I actually clean it up with this method. I just thought to myself, “If candle wax is fluid when it’s hot, why not heat it up.” Great minds think alike, I guess!

  4. Oh my goodness, where was this 2 months ago! I had a HUGE Scentsy wax spill and i had to scrape it off inch by inch cause I didn’t know this! Oh man! This is so much easier!

  5. I’ve never had to deal with a wax spill before. Fingers crossed. If it ever happens to me, it’s nice to know I have an easy way to clean it up.

  6. I accidentally spilled my Scentsy down the wall and the back of my favorite sweatshirt. The sweatshirt came clean with an iron and wax paper but the wall had to be repainted.

  7. I have had a similar spill before on my kitchen counters!! I used a scraper it took forever to get it off.

  8. Thanks for the tip! I have spilled wax a few times and usually end up trying to scrap it off without damaging the surface.

  9. Oh my goodness, this is genius! I’ve spilled my wax SO many times and have never been able to get the stain out! Going to try this.

  10. I agree with your plan to clean it up, I tried a blow dryer when I spilt some on my carpet – worked like a charm!

  11. Oh my word!! I have messed up floors, walls…everything from wax!~ I am burning some Scentsy now as a matter of fact! Thank you for this amazing tip!

  12. What a great idea. I have one of these messes, and I had no idea how to clean it up. Off to pull out my blow dryer now. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  13. That is a mess. We have been there so many times. We have a night light kind in the bathroom and hubby has spilled it so many times.

  14. Awesome idea, I once spilled candle wax all over my carpet, but all I did was let it dry, pick some of it out, then get some newspaper and a iron, lay the newspaper over the wax and rub the iron on the newspaper and the paper soaks is up, I think you can also use those brown paper grocery bags as well.

  15. I have heard of that trick & it usually works. The worst thing is when you spill wax candles/sensy on carpet! Nightmare!

    1. Yes but doing this works on a carpet as well. We have beige carpets so you can imagine the horror when it first happened!

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