Free Printable Goldfish Valentines for Kids

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Who wouldn’t love cute Goldfish Valentines, right?

With Valentine’s Day a little over a month away, the kids have begun discussing what they want to take for their class buddies.

Both Lia and Sam will be handing out cards that celebrate friendship as I’m not a fan of “Be Mine” cards.

For the past year, my son’s class has been on a goldfish crackers trip.

If they had a class party, he would come home with crackers in his goody bag.

If they served the kids a snack just before Bible class, most often than not, he would be given a little plastic glass filled with “fishies”.

So no, it wasn’t hard to decide on the treat he would take to class this year.

We paired the kids’ favorite snack with these sweet Goldfish Valentines I designed.

How cute is this Goldfish Valentine Printable?

I love cards with a cute pun.

Like these adorable Animal Pun Valentines.

So it was naturally the first thing my mind went to while designing these Goldfish Valentines.

“I’m thankful we swim in the same school

Have a fin-tastic Valentine’s day!”

That’s o-fishally the best fish-themed Valentines you could find, right?

(See what I did there?)

Since our local grocery store had Goldfish snack packs in mini milk carton-shaped containers, we decided to go with those versus the pouches and just make a flat Valentine’s card versus a pop-up card.

You can use long lollipop sticks to stick them to the cartons, like flags, but my little man chose to tape his Valentine Goldfish on instead.

(It did not look as professional as I may have wanted it to but it was all put together without any help from Mama so nothing else mattered!)

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I would recommend printing the cards on white cardstock as the design pops out better.

If you love these cards but don’t want to hand out an edible goody, consider these non-snack under-the-sea Valentine treats:

Goldfish Valentines

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