Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages Kids Can Share With Friends

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If you’ve been looking for Valentines Day coloring pages, I have just what you need. 

Kids love sweet pictures and when they’re adorable baby animals, well all the better!

I shared my Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Activity Placemats earlier.

These have illustrations to color and a few fun activities for older kids to enjoy,

but if you prefer Valentine coloring pages alone these are perfect!

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Share these printable Valentine coloring pages with friends or put them together to make a Valentine’s Day coloring book for your child.

Each Valentine coloring sheet has a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” message at the bottom, 

and yes, lots of little hearts for your child to color. Valentines Day Coloring Pages

You can buy the complete stack of 25 Valentine’s Day coloring pages from my Etsy store right now.

The pack includes-

  • A Valentine Giraffe Coloring Page
  • A Puppy Valentine Coloring Page
  • A Bear Valentine Coloring Page
  • A Monkey Valentine Coloring Page
  • A Family of Loving Cacti Coloring Page
  • 2 Loving Foxes Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Owl Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Turtle Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Frog Coloring PagePrintable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
  • A Valentine Sloth Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Elephant Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Cat Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Bee Coloring PagePrintable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
  • Another Valentine Bee Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Tiger Coloring Page
  • Another Valentine Elephant Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Cupcake Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Bird Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Dog Coloring Page
  • A Valentine Zebra Coloring Page
  • Another Valentine Giraffe Coloring Page
  • And one more Valentine Elephant Coloring Page (What can I do? Baby elephants are adorable!)Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
  • Valentine Penguin Coloring Page
  • Valentine Raccoon Coloring Page and 
  • Valentine Dinosaur Coloring Page

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This is your sneak peek at the complete collection. 

Get the complete set of Valentine’s coloring pages here.

If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine classroom exchange idea, print off these coloring sheets for your child’s class, roll each sheet into a scroll roll, add a crayon pack, tie a red ribbon around both and have your child pass these out. 

If you would like to add a Valentine’s Day card to the Valentine’s Day coloring pages printable, here are a few you could consider:

Does your child have a favorite Valentine coloring page from the set?

These Valentines Day coloring pages are ADORABLE! Share these Valentines coloring pages with friends or make a Valentine's Day Coloring Book!