Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

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Need Thanksgiving place cards? Download and print these free DIY Thanksgiving place cards with their own adorable pumpkin place card holders.

I love the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

There’s a warmth around the home with the comforting Fall decor and cute turkey crafts the kids make.

If you have children at home who love doing crafts consider making your own Thanksgiving place cards and holders this Thanksgiving, even if it’s just the immediate family gathering around for your meal.

I promise it will add a touch of extra-special sweetness to the table.


Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

These adorable pumpkin place cards are ever so easy to make, and the supplies to make the same are extremely affordable.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards- MommySnippets.com {Tutorial}

Materials required to make these Thanksgiving Name Card Holders:

While you can swap out materials for your preference, I’ve linked to shopping listings to make things a little easier for you. 

0.5-1 ounce Souffle Cups – I used orange and orange polka dots (You could also paint the white cups!)

Gold popsicle sticks (You could use the regular popsicle sticks and color the “pumpkin stem brown or dark green too.)

Green glitter curling ribbon

Glue Dots


Construction paper or white card stock if printing the Thanksgiving place cards

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (7)


1. Cut a small opening/ slit on the bottom of one of your two orange cups.

It should be big enough for two craft sticks to pass through the same.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (10)

2. Take two glue dots and attach the same on either side of the mouth of one of the cups.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (11)

3. Carefully stick the other cup to the one with the glue dots, ensuring the mouths align well to form the pumpkin base.

Once done, add a glue dot in the middle of one craft stick and at the end so as to ensure both craft sticks stick to each other

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (13)

and to the bottom of the cup once passed through the opening.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (14)

Remember not to put a glue stick on the tip of the exposed popsicle sticks, as we’ll be propping the place card between the sticks.

4. Cut a green glitter ribbon approximately two inches long and tie the same at the base of your “pumpkin stalk.”

Now take your scissors, with the blades facing upward, place the ribbon on one of the blades, hold the ribbon with your thumb and pull the ribbon across the blade quickly.

This will cause the ribbon to curl.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (17)

And there you have it…

an adorable pumpkin!

5. To make your place cards, use heavy-weight construction paper or glue this Fall themed scrapbook paper onto the white card stock.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards -Mommy Snippets (Tutorial) (22)

Once you write a name on the card, prop the card between the two craft sticks.

If you prefer to use these printable place cards, grab your free Thanksgiving place cards from my library.

The file includes a “Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.” design and a blank design that allows you to write names in the blank space.

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

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You could even use the pumpkin place cards as a cute complementary decor addition to your Thankful Turkey.

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