Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park.

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My kids love being outdoors. They’ve inherited their Dad’s love for exploring and enjoying Nature and I love that.

We’ve been fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park since the kids were very young.

Set up to protect and nurture the land in the area, the tiny yet important inhabitants and plants, this park is loved dearly by all the local residents.Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park (41)

It’s heartening to know there are people who passionately care for our land, like our partners, the Trust for Public Land. They operate with a dedicated mission to create parks and protect lands,  like the one my family enjoys, to ensure we live in healthy communities, not just today but always.

Thanks to the work they do, my children can enjoy being out in areas practically untouched by construction and artificial what-nots.

Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park (58)

I enjoy watching them spring into Wild Kratts mode as soon as we set foot into our local 40 acre Wetlands Park. And the staff at the Park feed their “character” by handing them scavenger hunt sheets to mark off when they find specific butterflies, dragonflies, birds, plants and flowers.

My son loves the park so much that he insisted we celebrate his 4th birthday there. He wanted his buddies to join him on an insect scavenger hunt through the park and dip-net. We loved the idea as it would be one way to introduce his friends to his love for the Great Outdoors.Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park (2)

The beautiful thing about exploring a local park that’s also a wetlands or birding hub is that every visit is different. Migrating birds and butterflies, the growth of new plants and flowers, the discovery of new critters, all make a visit unique for my kids my family.

If you asked my kids what they love about our park, they’ll scream dip-netting!

Armed with a tiny fishing net and with Mama’s permission to get as dirty as need be, they’re the happiest crouching down on the wetlands deck, hunting for water beetles, dragon flies and other pond critters.

Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park (166)

Experiences like these are memory makers.

I’m sure my son won’t remember all the games he played on his LeapPad but will never forget fishing for critters, naming them and then releasing them back into the pond. Yes “living free and in the wild”, in true Wild Kratts fashion.

Fostering a love for the Great Outdoors at the Wetlands Park (216)Can you imagine our kids growing up without being able to experience the beauty of Nature first hand?

Would you join me in showing your support to the Trust for Public Land’s #OurLand movement by creating a virtual postcard on their site, sharing what Nature means to you/your family?

If your family is like mine, you would agree it means the world!

OurLand   The Trust for Public Land (1)

Would you share what your family loves to do in the Great Outdoors?


  1. My kids and I love spending time at our local state park. They love exploring in the woods.

  2. I LOVE that butterfly shot! I live in the middle of the city and am single, no kids, so I don’t get too much outdoor fun. I do like to visit our local botanical garden in the spring and summer!

  3. We love to go for walks in the mountains and “hunt” little critters butterflies rank in our tops 5. We also like to jump into streams when we find them.

  4. Great pics!! 😀 Our family love to go on hikes, especially those that also have small water bodies where we can dip in for a swim, waterfalls more than anything. We just really like enjoying nature.

  5. We are huge nature fans. We make it fun by going geocaching. Then we try to toss in the learning experiences too.

  6. I love that you said they went into Wild Kratts mode. My kids love that show! This looks like such a fun family adventure. Our family loves to play in the creek in the Great Outdoors.

  7. We love going as a family to the local state park. And love that you mentioned Wild Kratts. My kids used to love Kratt’s Kreatures and Zooboomafoo.

  8. We love to do stuff outdoors and to share it so I say yes. I’d love to share our fun adventures.

  9. We’ve always loves going to park every since my son was little. When he was younger we would pack a bag and spend the whole entire day there just enjoying nature. It’s amazing.

  10. We love spending time outdoors – going to the park. When we’re visiting family in Colorado we drive thru & visit some national parks. One of our bucket list items is to go visit Yellowstone – do a little RV trip of some of our national parks!

  11. We love the outdoors because it brings our family together. We love to go fishing and camping the most when we are spending time outdoors.

  12. What a beautiful way to enjoy the great outdoors, I love this post so much. We are huge outdoor lovers in this house, sadly during winter season we don’t get out nearly enough. It is simply just too cold and no matter how warm I dress, I simply cannot enjoy the cold outdoors, I prefer the other seasons!

  13. We love wandering around, going to parks and even having scavenger hunts! We love everything about outdoors!

  14. We like to just go walking and exploring. Spotting animals, insects and birds is always a highlight.

  15. There is an aboretum in the Kansas City Area that we love visiting. We love feeding the fish!!

  16. I agree. We spend so much time inside our homes on each of our personal electronic devices that we forget sometimes there is a beautiful world out there that is REAL. So many memories to be made!

  17. My kids LOVE to collect cool looking rocks, big leaves and if there is a body of water, they like to throw the rocks in the water.

    I LOVE your pictures. It looks like an amazing time was had by all!!

  18. What a gorgeous park and what beautiful photos! my girls love nature scavenger hunts, They are so much fun! Net dipping looks like it would be a favorite with my crew too 😉

  19. What are the big white balls the butterflies are on in the first photo? Love visiting parks.

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