“Orange You Glad We’re Friends?” Valentines & Treats Tutorial

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Print these “Orange You Glad We’re Friends?” Valentines & follow the treats tutorial to put together the perfect Valentine treats for school.

I’m always on the hunt for printable Valentine’s cards for school or for cute printable Valentines to exchange with friends in the neighborhood.

And yes, these ‘Orange You Glad We’re Friends?’ Valentines are just that!

They include what my son calls mini oranges (clementines!) and the valentine tag is just such a clever play on words.

I always think the more creative a card is, the more memorable it will be for the recipient.

Plus this becomes a little craft project for your child to help you with!

(A child as young as two can help with this.)

Orange You Glad We're Friends Valentines

The “Orange You Glad We’re Friends?” Treats Tutorial

This tutorial was first published on MommySnippets.com on Jan 17, 2016. It has been republished in 2022 as a popular Valentine’s day card for friends.

Materials Required:

Small oranges (clementines or tangerines)

White card stock (110 lb preferred. 80 lb works too if that’s what you have)

Permanent glue dots (These hold the wiggly eyes on better)

Quart sized storage bags

Orange You Glad We’re Friends -Printable Valentine’s Cards for School

Wiggly eyes

A stapler

Scissors or a paper trimmer.

Access to a reliable, multifunction color printer.

Instructions to put together these Valentine treats for school:

1. Download the printable Valentines following the instructions below:

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Print as many sheets as required. (Each sheet holds 4 cards)

2. Cut the cards out, following the dotted line indicated for reference.

3. Fold each card on the crease and set it aside.

4. Take a clementine/tangerine, stick two wiggly eyes on the same, using the glue dots.

Orange You Glad We’re Friends -Printable Valentine’s Cards for School

Do this for two clementines/tangerines.

5. Gently place the two orange buddies in a quart storage and seal the bag, ensuring you let the air out of the same.

Orange You Glad We’re Friends -Printable Valentine’s Cards for School

6. Place one “Orange You Glad We’re Friends” card over the sealed storage bag and staple the same onto the bag, to hold the card in place.

Orange You Glad We’re Friends -Printable Valentine’s Cards for School

And there you have it.

Healthy Valentine treats for school, especially a school with a strict no-peanut policy!

Orange you glad we're friends

If your kids’ school is strict when it comes to bringing any food to exchange on Valentine’s Day, you could go with these orange alternatives.

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