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Make learning the Bible fun for your child

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In our home, we believe it’s important Bunny girl and Bunny Boo be introduced to the Bible at an early age.

I thank God that this day and age has some of the most awesome resources out there to help parents do this.

Sure this does involve an investment in time and money on your part as a parent but it’s an investment that yields such a fruitful return.

The Word of God commands us to “train up a child in the way he should go” and then follows the promise we are given if we do this – “and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6)


Our investment’s return is in that promise itself!!

There are so many ways you can creatively bring the Bible to life for your child.

Here are 3 things we do with our kids:

1. Play Bible Verse music cds while travelling in the car.

A verse coupled with a tune makes it so much easier to learn the Word of God and have the verse stick even over the years. (I still remember all the Sunday School Bible Verse choruses I was taught as a child!)

Here are 5 easy ways you can help your child learn Bible verses.

2. Re-enact stories from the Bible with puppets and do a craft after.

Jesus calms the storm would be a fun craft for the kids to recreate.

3. Read out of an age-appropriate devotional during family prayer time like My First Devotional


Tell me…what do you do to make Bible reading fun for your child?


  1. What a neat book. I need to get one for my middle daughter. Thanks for sharing your ideas about introducing the Bible to your daughter

  2. We have used several different Children’s Bible books. I am thinking about starting some kind of trivia challenge now that my girls are getting old enough to read the Bible themselves.

  3. My baby girl is only 1 but we read Bible stories from picture books together. She enjoys looking at the pictures.

  4. Each Sunday we take her lesson sheet from church and review the story with her. We try to also have special bible reading time in the evenings with her.

  5. We read from Children’s bibles and have been doing a Toddler/Preschool Devotional for a couple years…it’d be nice to have a new one now that they’re older 🙂

  6. I have a Children’s Bible that’s full of stories set in rhyme, kind of like a Dr. Seuss story, and my son loves it!!

  7. I let my oldest son who is 23 tell bible stories to my younger kids. He is a certified minister and a youth group counselor in church so he knows how to teach the youth and make it fun.

  8. My daughter has a few little Bible books she reads to my grandson so this would be a welcome addition for him since he has so many questions.

  9. We have a few childrens bible books that my kids read but i have always wanted to get each of them a childrens bible

  10. We have a bible story book and read from it every night, and then listen to music in the car about the stories we read

  11. My daughter loves to be read to before bed so I read her a couple of children’s bible stories every night.

  12. We listen to the Jesus Storybook Bible on CD in the car, and each child has his/her own copy to follow along. They absolutely LOVE it and I enjoy listening to it too!! Then if they have questions about the stories, we get to talk about it together.

  13. just saw this and stopped by to say hi. i’m giving away a copy of Mornings with Jesus if you are interested :).

  14. I would want this for my grandson. He is still very young but it would be a good start to read it to him and move on from there.

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