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Ways to stay Healthy during the Holidays

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I love the holidays. There’s just so much happiness in the air. With many gatherings scheduled over the next few weeks, this also means there will be quite a bit of over-eating and indulging in treats that aren’t necessarily healthy.


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The gradual drop in temperatures and cooler weather will also mean more than just a handful of people will come down with the sniffles and worst yet, even the flu.

I won’t forget the Christmas Dottie came down with the flu. She had been feeling out of sorts and after a fainting spell, the visit to our doctor confirmed what nobody wanted to hear. And you know how it is…

the doc. gives you a list of instructions to follow, you cram that information overload beside all the holiday must-dos you need to cross off in your mind, and really wish, later on, you had taken notes or recorded while he talked.

Yes, it can all get very overwhelming, so let’s try to simplify things and do what we can to keep tabs on our health.

Ways to Stay Healthy during the Holidays

A few proactive add-ons to your lifestyle will help make this holiday season healthier than earlier ones.

1. Enjoy everything on the feasting table but remind yourself to eat in moderation, and continue to support healthy digestive habits.

2. When you’re offered a take-home box to enjoy leftover dishes or treats later, take the box and share the same with an elderly neighbor who won’t be with family during the holidays. You never know how a simple meal can spark joy in a person’s heart.

3. As is possible, engage in some sort of physical activity every day. This may be harder when the kids break on holiday but you can make working out fun. Throw a dance party for the kids ( my youngest is crazy about the Go Noodle guys!)and join them in dancing those calories away.

4. Make sure you take your daily dose of vitamin C.

5. Don’t forget to wash hands with warm water and soap, especially after being out in public (hello, Black Friday shopping!) and sanitize your hands while outdoors.

6. As soon as you feel your throat starts to feel scratchy, whip up my homemade remedy for a sore throat. This has been so helpful for my family.

Now, don’t you feel much better about the upcoming holiday season?
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