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A Valentine Reading Challenge Your Kids Will Love! (+Free Printable Reading Kit)

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I come from a family of readers. People thought my sister and I were joking when we would say my mom lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. She used one bedroom, while her books used the other. No jokes! I’m thankful Lia, Sam and Ana have developed a love for reading too. One secret in raising avid readers is to fuel that fire for reading with a little creativity. And nothing works better than a reading challenge. 

A Valentine Reading Challenge Your Kids Will Love!

Remember my Fall Reading Challenge? I sent that along to my daughter’s 1st grade teacher, and she shared it with the kids’ parents. It was a fun way to get new, and developing readers to spend time with their books. 

When it was time to bring out our Christmas decor and prized collection of Christmas books, I thought it would be neat to expand a little on the Fall Reading Challenge, and thus was born the Christmas Reading Challenge Kit. (Yes, kit!)

Complete with a Christmas Reading Challenge, 16 Bible Verses to celebrate the season, a Reading Log and Bookmarks, this complete kit is just a sweet way to keep our young readers fired up!

And now, here we are. 


A new year and Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away.

You know what that means, right?

We can’t not have a Valentine themed kit, right?Valentine Reading Challenge Kit

click to download your child’s Free Printable Valentine Reading Challenge Kit

This adorable sloth themed reading challenge kit comes complete with:

1. A Valentine themed Reading Challenge, listing 16 prompts. Valentine Reading Challenge

This challenge could serve as a Valentine’s Day countdown of sorts. 

Have your child pick a prompt on Jan 30th. By the time he/she marks off the last prompt of choice, it will be February 14th.

2. 16 Bible verses on love.

Again, you can read a verse a day, to lead up to Valentine’s Day. Or read 2 or 3 each day. 

I would not recommend reading all 16 verses on one day as would not serve the purpose of helping your child understand what each verse means. 

Valentine Reading Challenge

3. A Reading log

It’s always fun to have a goal to work towards.

You could throw in a prize, perhaps a Valentine treat or even a Valentine themed book, if your child fills up the log before Valentine’s Day.Valentine Reading Challenge

4. Super cute Sloth Bookmarks

All books need bookmarks, right?

Aren’t these adorable?

Valentine Reading Challenge

To make these bookmarks more durable, I would recommend printing this sheet on cardstock, cutting each bookmark out, and then laminating each one.

If your child is not too excited about the pink Valentine Reading Kit, I’ve uploaded a mono gray option as well. 

Click to download and print a mono gray Valentine Reading Kit.

Valentine Reading Challenge

I would love to hear about how the kids are enjoying this kit. Please do drop me a line! Valentine's Day Reading Challenge Kit for Kids- Mommy Snippets


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