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3 Ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats – an Easy Christmas Treats Recipe

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If you’re hard-pressed for time but really want to give your friends, neighbors, child’s teachers or the mailman a home-baked Christmas gift, then these 3 ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats are the way to go!

Christmas Pretzel Treats

Last night we had a friend visit our home for the first time and with it being the Christmas season, I really wanted to send her home with a Christmas plate laden with home-baked treats. Ideally, this would mean a plate filled with Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, Coconut Snowballs or even several 3 ingredient Christmas Oreo Cookie Balls and 3 ingredient shortbread cookies.


But when she called fifteen minutes before setting foot into our home, I knew I needed to find something quick to make.

Thus the 3 ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats!

3 ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats - Mommy Snippets

All you need are pretzels, Rolos or Hershey’s kisses and Christmas (Red and Green M&Ms)…

that’s it!

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3 ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats {Recipe}
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
4 mins
Total Time
8 mins

Easy 3 ingredient Christmas Treats recipe

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: English
Keyword: no bake
Servings: 10
Author: Marina
  • 20 pretzel twists, squares. Try and find pretty, if possible, Christmas themed, pretzels
  • 20 Caramel Rolos OR Hershey's Kisses (I love doing the Almond ones or even the Candy Cane ones)
  • 20 Christmas M&Ms Red and Green colored M&Ms
  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

  2. Arrange the pretzels on a baking tray lined with parchment paper
  3. Place a Rolo/Hershey's Kiss in the center, on top of each pretzel
  4. Once done, pop the tray in the oven for 3-5 minutes (As soon as you see the Rolos/Kisses beginning to melt, pull the tray out of the oven)

  5. Remove and quickly but gently place a red/green M&M on each softened Rolo/Hershey's Kiss

  6. Set aside to cool (Or to hurry the process, pop into the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes)

  7. And voila, your Christmas Pretzel Treats are ready!

3 ingredient Christmas Pretzel Treats {Recipe}- MommySnippets.com

Now that you have your treats ready to gift, consider some festive packaging options?

Add these printable Christmas tags and gift these to your neighbor next door, or make a Christmas Treats assortment to share at a Christmas Treats exchange.

What’s the easiest Christmas sweet You make?


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  1. Those little treats are so easy to make, I am going to have to try this! I usually just bake a ton of cookies during the holidays, I need to switch it up a little!

  2. Those look so good. And also super easy. That will be a perfect Christmas treat to take to my familys get together. Thanks for the info.

  3. These are a favorite! We just have a problem sharing them. 😉 It’s almost as if they are made and really don’t last 24 hours in our house.

  4. I love that these are so quick to whip up! I need to make more cookies. I keep making treats and then eating them (with help, of course) instead of giving them away!

  5. Oh my…These are calling me. I hear my name….They look absolutely delicious! 🙂 Will have to try!

  6. We make these and they are super tasty! My favorite is chocolate peppermint bark because it only has two ingredients! 🙂

  7. I just might make these this week to take to my mom’s house. They look so good, and I’m going with Rolos!

  8. These are always a big hit in my house. I could devour a plate in a day without even meaning it.

  9. I made some of these the other day, half with M&Ms, and half with walnut pieces on top since my husband loves nuts. My quickest Christmas treat is probably my Rocky Road Squares – like 5 minutes to make, then they just have to cool.

  10. I have made these and they are always a big hit. They can also be changed up for different holidays by changing the colors on the M & M’s.

  11. Who doesn’t have a shortage of time right around now? The quickest treat I make are slice and bake cookies. But these pretzels treats are just as easy, homemade, and probably much better. Great idea, and thanks for sharing.

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