Easy and Healthy Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

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We’re just a few days away from when school starts, and if you send packed lunches for your child, you just may be on the hunt for new ideas to keep that lunch box interesting!

Easy and Healthy Back to School Lunchbox Ideas with MommySnippets.com

Easy and Healthy Back to School Lunchbox Ideas with MommySnippets.com (1)

Easy and Healthy Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

The options are endless and with a little planning, you can bring variety to your child’s lunch box every day, for a month ( or even two!). Here are a few child-approved, parent-friendly ideas to fill that lunch box:

Wholesome Morning Glory Muffins

Easy Chicken Greek Salad Wrap Sandwich

Spinach Cheese Pizza Muffins

Homemade Potato Chips (In the microwave)

Cucumber Sandwiches

Banana Carrot Bread Muffins


Apple Sandwiches

Cheese and Veggie Roll Ups

Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

Healthy Zucchini Oatnut Cookies

Pinwheels/Lunch wraps

Non GMO verified, Ozery bakery products.


These whole grain bread products have a variety of ingredients added to the mix, from date and chia to muesli, oranges and cranberries. My kids love these as is or with a thin layer of cream cheese, peanut butter or some of my homemade strawberry jam with mint spread inside the same.

I like freezing a pack or two, as back up for those days I’m in a rush to put together anything that involves a little more effort for their lunchboxes. Add some fruit, pretzels/crackers/baked pita with some hummus, pull out some baked treats that were frozen for those rush-rush days and that lunch box is all set to go!

Looking for a lunch box to pack those school lunches in?

Nothing beats a bento styled lunch box!

In case you’re wondering what sort of a lunch box would be the best to pack those school lunches in, I highly recommend a Planetbox. My kids have been using for the stainless steel lunch box for over two years now and will do so this year too. The quality has remained the same since day 1 and it’s a much healthier alternative than plastic, definitely making this an investment I do not regret. Amazon has these available with a variety of designs. Which one would you pick?


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