How to be a more relaxed on-the-go mom (+ Printable Super Mom Tags)

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A friend of mine shared this on Facebook, the other day…

Isn’t that the truth?

And now with school starting up, it will soon be time for it all to be stepped up to high gear.

How to be a more relaxed on-the-go mom.

Don’t starve yourself

You know those days when you’ve just finished dropping your child to school and have a bunch of errands to run but realize the loud rumblings from your tummy are a reminder that you forgot to eat breakfast? The last thing your family wants is a hangry mom!
For those days, do yourself a favor and carry a few ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars.

These easy, grab-and-go nutrition bars are the smart snacking option when you’re rushing from point A to point B.

The bars are packed with protein, certified Kosher, contain no high fructose corn syrup and taste great!

Get a good night’s rest

Switch off all electronics, diffuse essential oils if need be, but just close your eyes and allow your body to relax. Force your mind to stop planning for the day(s) ahead and just sleep.

Stay hydrated

Get yourself a water bottle, preferably anything that holds 1 liter or more. Aim to finish drinking 2 bottles through the day.

Make time for you

This is a little harder but even if it means you wake up an hour before everyone else, take a portion of the morning off to read or listen to music, visit with friends or even soak in a nice, warm, bath…

push yourself to pencil this in, every day!

Along the way don’t forget to encourage the other mamas you meet.

It’s incredibly therapeutic to be an encourager!

Find some ribbon, print out these free Super Mom tags,

grab a few extra bars and pop them into your bag, as you head out the door.

Pass out a bar to that tired mom wrangling a wiggly toddler on her hip, at the Post Office or hand them out to moms waiting in the drive-through lane at school.

Odds are you will start something sweet that will grow into something bigger, as the days roll out.

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Which flavor would you try first?

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All the best!

Even if you don’t win the sweeps, remember you’re winning in your role as a mom!

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