5 easy ways to make your own car deodorizer

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Irrespective of whether you’re buying a brand new car or a pre-owned one, it takes a while for the unfamiliar odors of fresh new upholstery or that musty smell, in a used car, to fade away.

Using a car air deodorizer will make your drive so much more pleasant.

5 easy ways to make your own car deodorizer

While store-bought air deodorizers/air fresheners are effective in getting rid of odors in a car, they’re not always the best things you want (or rather need) to smell. It really isn’t hard to make your own car deodorizer.

  1. Get a sheer stocking or a light sock. Using a funnel fill the stocking /sock with your favorite ground coffee. To ensure the ground coffee doesn’t spill out, tie the open end of the stocking sock into a knot. And to be extra safe, tie a twine around the same too. Then pop the sock under your car seat and enjoy the smell of coffee on your commute.
  2. If you prefer citrus smells, get a large orange and pierce it with whole cloves and allow your pomander ball to dry out slowly on the floor of your car.
  3. Place the Arm and Hammer Odor Absorber boxes under your car seat and the passenger seat next to you. This works to rid the odors in the car, especially musty smells but doesn’t leave a fragrance. So to solve that, add 2-3 drops of cinnamon essential oil to the ‘Flo-Through’ openings.
  4. Cut a shape out of cardboard and do the same for two pieces of felt. Stick the felt on either side of the cardboard. Make a hole near the top of your shape and thread a twine through the same and tie a knot, so as to form a loop. Now put 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil on either side and voila, you made your own hanging car air freshener. (You can change out the shapes for holidays or get the kids to get creative)
  5. Get a small muslin bag or two and fill it with dried rose petals and a few cinnamon sticks. Place the bags on the floor or tie the same to the air vents.

For any of these natural air freshener options once you find the fragrance beginning to fade, make a new batch!



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