White Elephant Gifts for Kids- Gender Neutral Gifts and a $25 Budget

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Looking for white elephant gifts for kids can be challenging, especially if you’re on the hunt for gender-neutral gifts and have a $25 budget. These gift ideas will help.

Your children have been invited to a white elephant gift exchange.

(What is a white elephant exchange? I have all your questions answered in this white elephant exchange guide!)

The kids invited will be a mix of both boys and girls.

You have been advised that the gift should not be more than $25.

Now what?

White Elephant Gifts for Kids-$25 and under!

While a traditional white elephant gift exchange involves many gag gifts, it changes when it comes to children.

Some children may be sensitive or hurt if they receive a gag gift.

It is thus best to buy a gender-neutral gift that would be well accepted.


Here are several unique small business gift ideas  within the $25 price range that kids will love.

These would be best for elementary school-aged kids.


Unique White Elephant Gifts for Older Kids: Tweens and Teens

While coloring and slime are enjoyable gifts for tweens and teens, here are a few gift ideas that will put a smile on their faces:

White Elephant Gifts for Kids- Gender Neutral Gifts and a $25 Budget