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Omni Colonnade’s Aquatica Kids’ Suite (A Photo Tour!)

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It’s no secret…

we love San Antonio’s Omni Colonnade property!

So when we were invited to stay in their much talked about, brand new, Aquatica Kids Suite, Hubs and I couldn’t help but beam with excitement. The kids knew we were visiting SeaWorld San Antonio that weekend for AdventureCon14 but had no idea we had this surprise stay all set up!

The Aquatica Suite was mentioned a few times on our last visit, a few months prior, and they heard me list off all the fun aspects in the room…


but they didn’t think we would get to stay in the same, considering it is the hot new Suite in town commemorating perfectly with SeaWorld‘s 50th Anniversary celebrations this year.

The look on their faces, when we walked in, was priceless!

I would do the suite injustice if I described it in words. I thought it would be fitting to take you on the tour of the same through photographs taken during our stay. Pictures, speak a 1000 words, right?

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (A Photo Tour with Mommy Snippets)

Omni Colonnade’s Aquatica Kids’ Suite (A Photo Tour!)

Omni Colonnade’s Aquatica Kids’ Suite is a beautiful symphony of elements from the Aquatica Water Park in SeaWorld San Antonio.

From the gorgeous coral reef feel surrounding the screens while watching the television or playing video games or the Wii,

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (11)

to the beautiful aquarium in the room (right next to cubbies filled with toys, books and games) and a detailed map of Aquatica’s Park (Perfect way to plan what you want to do at the Park, before getting there!)

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (16)

all, make the young guests feel like they’re living out a real underwater adventure stay.

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (59)What makes this Suite stand out are the little details.

Every tiny element adds up to make it a colossal experience for the guest.

(Aquatic themed books, sea creature plush toys, Aquatica themed room keys, turtle etchings on the table, a height check station chart right next to the bathroom, featuring Aquatica’s fun rides, Aquatica signage in the aquarium, signs on the window, pail sets from SeaWorld, stingray cushions and more!)

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (A Photo Tour!)1

Why, the theme extends all the way to the bathroom too!
The kids squealed with excitement when they walked into the bathroom and found another aquarium!!

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (A Photo Tour!)Our favorite aspect of the room?

Definitely the lighting.

Despite it being bright and sunny outside, they the kids would pull the curtains together, switch on the lights and pretend they were in their underwater world.Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (67)

The kids room connects to Mom and Dad’s room with the cutest door, and leads right into a living area that runs into the bedroom. And yes, Mom and Dad have their own bathroom too.

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (A Photo Tour!)2

The grown up’s area includes a refrigerator, a packed wet/dry bar and a microwave. (The microwave was a big plus for me especially when the kids asked for a cup of hot chocolate, a melted cheese sandwich or when I needed boiling water to sterilize baby’s pacifiers.)

I would be lying if I didn’t admit, I preferred camping out in the kids suite and re-living the beauty of childhood through my kids lives.

Omni Colonnade's Aquatica Kids' Suite (34)

They definitely made more than just a few memories!


For more information on how to book this suite the next time you’re in San Antonio or for a stay-cation, visit the Omni Colonnade San Antonio website.

Hotel Location:

9821 Colonnade Boulevard
San Antonio, Texas 78230

Phone:  +1 (210) 691-8888


From what you’ve seen so far, what do you love about the Aquatica Kids’ Suite?


  1. Wow – that is truly amazing! We are in Dallas, so we need to drive down and check this hotel out. That is so over-the-top memorable. My son would love to stay here.

  2. That is totally kick butt! I’m an adult, and I want that room for MYSELF! It’s totally cool.

  3. OMG.. I know I love it.. can’t even imagine how they coulds would flip over this room… Sounds like an awesome place, loved your pictures and totally thinking about taking a vacation just so I can sleep in that room… thanks for sharing

  4. Okay, that has to be the coolest room I have ever seen… oh my goodness my kids would flip.

  5. LOVE love love! Thanks for sharing this review and all the great photos of the Omni Aquatica kids suite. How in the world can they sleep. I’d be so excited especially with the black lights! lol Loved all of it and we’ll have to ad this to our to do list.

    1. You can switch off the lights at night and leave a pillar night light that bubbles. We did that else the kids would make it a night out!

  6. Wow, this is such a beautiful suite! My daughter would absolutely love staying in a place like this!

  7. That’s one of the neatest hotel suites I’ve ever seen. The kids must have been nuts about it!

  8. Wow that has to be the best hotel room I have ever seen.Bet your kiddies loved it I know mine would.

  9. That looks like a fun room to stay in. My boys would totally love that.

  10. My youngest son would love to stay in that suite, he’s obsessed with Nemo and anything having to do with the ocean. What a fun looking room.

  11. This place looks ah-mazing. I bet my kids would have a blast checking out a place like this. Love that they have a suite built towards kiddos. Such fun!

  12. This hotel looks amazing my kids would be in awe! I love how it all ties together and the coral wall is fabulous!

  13. Oh wow that hotel looks incredible, that room is lovely! I won’t go to sea world but that’s for sure a nice place to stay!

  14. what an amazing hotel room. I’d love for the kids to have some fun staying there.

  15. My kids would totally freak out about this room! Heck, I would freak out about this room!

  16. Oh my gosh – what fun rooms! I’ve got to book a visit down there – the kids would never want to leave!

  17. Wow that suite is beautiful – imagine having a bedroom like that!

  18. Whoa…that makes me want to book a trip! What an amazing room for the kids!

  19. That is one cool suite! Love all of the details. I couldn’t sleep. I’d be too busy staring at it all. 🙂

  20. That is seriously the coolest hotel room i’ve ever seen! I would totally camp out in the kids room. The grownups room looks a little bland after that color filled kids room!

  21. Wow that is the most awesome hotel room I have ever seen in my life! Not only would my son enjoy that me and my husband would be enthralled by it as well lol

  22. Oh mY GOsh…what a neat looking room. I am positive Davey & Isa would LOVE this!

  23. I used to go to Seaworld all the time as a kid, when I lived in Ohio. And…that is the coolest room ever! Even as an adult I would like that!

  24. Wow, how fun for the kids, it sort of looks eary (sp) to me. My kids would of had a blast, really different idea!

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