10 steps towards becoming a better blogger {#AdventureCon14}

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When I attended the first ever AdventureCon in 2012, as a Wildside Blog Ambassador I hoped it would not be the last. So when last year’s conference topped year 1’s on all realms, I looked forward to this year’s with even more anticipation and excitement.

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Little did I realize that while I would learn some helpful pointers on platforms like Google+, Pinterest and Flipboard, the resounding lesson I would carry back would be the reminder to go back to the basics…

to remember the simple, yet essential musts to become a better blogger.

I hope 10 of my favorite, re-tweetable takeaways from the conference will help you as they have helped me.  And may they gently remind you to not lose sight of your calling and to surge forward with much more motivation and drive.

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10 steps  towards becoming  a better blogger

10 steps towards becoming a better blogger 













One of my favorite sessions at the conference was the throw-it-open-for-all to share a bloggy tip or two. It always reminds me about how much more I have to learn, absorb and apply when I listen to the wealth shared by the extremely talented writers in the room!

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My sweet friend Colleen, who writes over at San Antonio Mom Blogs, was quick to put together all the wisdom shared in her article: Blogging tips and tools from Texas bloggers at AdventureCon14. I highly recommend you bookmark the link to read if you don’t have a few minutes right away.

And, if you’re in Texas and think this is one conference you would like to attend, sign up to receive a reminder to register when AdventureCon15 opens up next year. 


Before you click away to read Colleen’s article, would you share one blog/social media tip that has helped you as a blogger/writer?


  1. I am finding that social media cross promotion is huge lately. I’m focusing on less is more lately.

  2. The conference really was fantastic! SO bummed I missed the second (biggest) day, but got quite a bit out of day 1.

    My biggest tip: Reciprocate!! Everyone loves comments and social media shares – go out of your way and hit about 5 people a day.

  3. Those are all great tips. I have been really trying to beef up my social media presence.

  4. Great tips, for me it’s all about committing to things I am passionate about. Otherwise it can seem forced!

  5. These are great tips. I know when I started blogging I was all over the place. Now, I try to be a little more focused.

  6. I love these tips. Some of them really hit home for me. As bloggers, we have to be willing to make the uncomfortable leaps required of us to take our blogs to the next level.

  7. I like being reminded to stick to the basics. It is easy to get off track, and forget to follow our passion. I needed these reminders and I thank you.

  8. Those are great tips! Being original and using stories to connect with the audience is I think so important when building a blog business. They need the stories to draw them in and keep them coming back.

  9. Great tips, especially : 1. Original content. 2. Amplification
    It’s amazing how many bloggers copy, it’s so frustrating! People notice!!!

  10. Great tips. Having original content is definitely important, no one wants to read the same thing over and over.

  11. Great tips… I have so many issues coming up with new content to engage my readers… ha! Thanks for sharing

  12. these are all great tips. Original content is key, and amplification is so important.

  13. What great tips. I would love to attend a conference where the focus is learning. I’ve been too a few but truly love the connections and the learning vs. the parties 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Retweeted a few 🙂

  14. Thank you for sharing my post, Marina! It was great to see you and your lovely family again this year. 😉

  15. There was a wealth of good info at the conference. It’s awesome that you shared it by tweets, too Marina!

  16. Thanks for the great tips! I have been trying to not take on so many things at once, so I can do a better job on the projects I do take on. I used to just take every opportunity thrown at me, and I didn’t really have the time to devote to each one that I wanted to.

  17. I agree with your 10 steps towards becoming a better blogger, building a relationship is key! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  18. I agree that building relationships and getting a tribe are the key to successful blogging! Looks like a fun experience you had!

  19. making a blogger best friend has been so helpful! We share tips and contacts and woes

  20. Great tips! Thanks for allowing us to share in those tips too. I saw all the tweets and it looked like a great time!

  21. Love all of these steps/tips to becoming a better blogger! Love it when bloggers share stuff like this!

  22. I like to hear blogging tips from other bloggers. Nice to know things I’m doing right and things I should be doing.

  23. Great advice. Thanks for sharing. SOunds like there was some valuable information shared at the conference.

  24. These are great tips! It’s always good to see what works for other people too.

  25. So many tweet-a-bles…I retweeted a few of these great stuff! A tip that I learned from being a blogger is to BE AUTHENTIC. I know so many blogger just doing things for “perks” and because something worked for another blogger that they forget what the point of their blog is about or they stuck the authentic-ness out of their own posting it becomes fake and un-relatable. Be yourself and grow as a blogger promoting your true self!

  26. All great tips. There are definitely some things here I could implement with my blog.

  27. All great thoughts! I pinned to my “blogging” board in Pinterest to share the wealth of knowledge!

  28. Love all your posts not only are they informative and entertaining they are educative too ! Thanks for sharing the tips..they are gems !

  29. There are a lot of great tips up there! I need to work on stepping out of my comfort zone and making some great connections!

  30. These are good tips. I am quite happy now with my blog since I changed back to more relevant versus ads and giveaways.

  31. What wonderful tips! I definitely need to work on using Twitter/Facebook fan page more often. I need to work on my social media pages!

  32. I think giving back is huge! I always do a back to school backpack giveaway to 2 children in need. It’s a great way to give!

  33. One tip would be to stay consistent and don’t give up. Consistency is key and don’t ever get discouraged and give up.

  34. All terrific tips! Sometimes it’s hard to step back and take a look with a new set of eyes. Often for me, it takes reading something like this post to take a different look at my own blog! Thank you for sharing!

  35. Awesome, thanks for the all of the information. Pinned to Pinterest!

  36. I love this! I need all the blogging help I can get! This post is getting bookmarked, just so you know!

  37. These are definitely great tips! I’m definitely going to have to retweet some of these!

  38. Those are some great tips, and sounds like you really enjoyed it. Being real is so so so important.

  39. Those are really good tips. I worry about brand saturation when I talk about something too often. I have a product I’ve worked with three times now, and they’ve asked me to blog again next month. I agreed because I love the products, but I was a little hesitant the readers might not want to hear about it again? I hope I’m wrong to even consider that being the case… we shall see (crossing fingers). 🙂

  40. Great mix of tips and advice! I think the number one thing bloggers can do is create great content and stick to tone. Don’t sell yourself short!

  41. Great tips! I think we can continually become a better blogger each day. Thanks for the pointers.

  42. That is such a great list of things to do to make you a better blogger. I do need to network more

  43. Good tips. Following a conference hashtags is often one of the best ways to learn when you can’t attend a conference.

  44. It is great to be able to go to a conference and learn something you actually use and enjoy. It was nice of you to share some of the lessons you learned.

  45. These are all great tips,I really need to concentrate on my social media more.

  46. I love your tips. I think networking and building relationships is so important for any blogger and then working on their writing skills is key. This sounds like a great conference!

  47. Those are some great tips. I should definitely use those on a going forward basis.

  48. These are really great tips! Comfort zone and compelling stories are my favorites!

  49. These are all really great tips! At the last conference I went to I learned that standing out and stepping out are very important. Standing out from the rest is really hard for me and stepping out of my comfort zone is too but I’ve been trying 🙂

  50. These are all great tips! I am trying to find the balance right now with my social media !

  51. GREAT tips! One of my goals is to better my social presence. I’m working on that.

  52. Blogging is just like any job, there is always room for improvement! At least, if you want to do a good job LOL!

  53. I’ve been using Flipboard as a reader for ages. I never really thought about it as a blog networking/marketing social type thing. Maybe that is something you could share in another post. Some highlights on why one, as a blogger, should be thinking about Flipboard.

  54. Such great advice, thanks for sharing. I think my favorite one is “Step out of your comfort zone”, that is something I need to do more in all aspects of my life.

  55. Great advice! So much of it I know I need to take the advice, but just can’t get myself there yet. I am my own worst enemy when blogging!

  56. What an awesome ambassador program to be a part of! I love your steps towards being a better blogger.

  57. Establishing emotional connections and being real are things I think a lot of folks can tend to overlook. It’s great to be reminded of the need to do it.

  58. Awesome tips, my daughter is just beginning her blog, I told her to learn from others, so much to learn. I like step out of your comfort zone the best.

  59. I love the layout of this blog post, because it’s so user-friendly and easy to read. One of the best tips that I’ve received is: use a font that is easy to read. I’ve passed on so many blog posts, because their font is too small, too much contrast or too hard to read due the curls in the text. When you’re a writer, font is definitely one of the most important things to you and your readers.

  60. These are amazing tips. It is so important to be brand loyal and also build lasting relationships online.

  61. These are great reminders for improving ourselves and our blogs! Thanks for sharing your journey

  62. Such great tips! We have to treat our blog like a business and think with a business mind!

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