How to Make an Easy Mocha Pudding

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The inspiration for this mocha pudding was simple.

Have you ever invited friends over for a meal and then realized you’re hard-pressed on time to make an elaborate dessert but don’t want to head out to buy something?

That’s how this mocha pudding recipe was birthed.

This easy-peasy dessert is a winner because it has all the elements of a delicious sweet treat-

it’s chilled,

light and yes,

a celebration of coffee!

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How to make an easy mocha pudding

I’m not kidding when I say this coffee-flavored pudding can be made in under 10 minutes.

How to make an easy mocha pudding
Author: Marina J (Mommy Snippets)
  • 1 box of instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 - 3 tsp Community Coffee flavor of choice brewed (Based on how strong you want the coffee flavor to be)
  • 1 cup Graham cracker cookies or Oreo cookies powdered Enough to make a 1/2 inch crust layer at the bottom of each bowl
  • Milk As much as is instructed on the vanilla pudding mix box
  • Dark Chocolate shavings or whipped cream optional
  1. Prepare the instant vanilla pudding as per the instructions on the box making sure you reduce 2 or 3 tsps of milk as you will be adding 2 or 3 tsps of the coffee brewed.
  2. In the dessert bowls you will be using, place a 1/2 inch layer of crumbled cookies as a base crust for the pudding.
  3. Pour the coffee pudding mix over the cookie layer.
  4. Place the bowls in the refrigerator to chill.
  5. Just before you serve your mocha pudding, garnish dark chocolate shavings or whipped cream and chocolate shavings,

And yes, this includes the time spent powdering those graham cracker cookies

or grating dark chocolate shavings as a garnish.

You can even make this a pudding pie filling, use an Oreo cookie crust, and/or top the same with whipped cream.

While you could buy store-bought whipped cream, this homemade whipped cream recipe is the way to go! 

Also, to give this dessert a different flavor profile each time, use a different coffee flavor.

I promise this easy-to-make creamy goodness is hard to hold back on once you put that first spoonful in your mouth!

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