Easy Chicken BBQ Bites + Other Must-Try Tailgating Recipes {#PrimoPicks}

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When I think of a tailgating party, I think of food (lots of it) and tons of people over.

Even if you’re taking the pot-luck route but the party’s at your place, there will still be lots to get done. That’s when the words easy, quick and tasty in a recipe will draw you to it.

My Easy Chicken BBQ Bites are just that…Quick! Easy! Tasty! 

Easy Chicken BBQ Bites- Tailgating Made Easy- Mommy Snippets #PrimoPicksEasy Chicken BBQ Bites- Mommy Snippets

With just four ingredients in the marinade, the secret to deliciousness lies in leaving the chicken overnight in the fridge, thereby allowing the marinade to really sink in.

And the time required on the grill?

No more than 10-12 minutes. (5-6 minutes either side)

Easy Chicken BBQ Bites for your next tailgating party #PrimoPicks with MommySnippets (31)These chicken bites pair wonderfully with ranch dressing or for that spice kick, try dipping these in H-E-B’s Flyin’ Saucy hot wing sauce. Little Man though insists everyone should pair this with hummus.

My recommendation?

Serve the chicken in a try with various dipping sauces. Yum!

Oh and if you prefer serving larger portions, marinate split chicken legs in the same marinade and serve that up instead, or alongside.

Easy Chicken BBQ Bites for your next tailgating party #PrimoPicks with MommySnippets (47)

And psssst! If you have left-overs, shred them and throw them into a salad or put them in a wrap, nestled in a bed of spinach, lettuce and kale, with a drizzle of ranch or your choice of salad dressing.


Easy Chicken BBQ Bites
Prep Time
3 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
13 mins
Course: Tailgating appetizer
Servings: 8 -10
Author: Marina J (Mommy Snippets)
  • 1 lb boneless chicken cut into nugget sized pieces
  • 1 cup Mark's Good Stuff Chikn N Ribs bbq sauce Available in all H-E-B stores
  • 1 tsp ground pepper powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard
  1. Marinate the chicken nuggets in the bbq sauce, pepper and dijon mustard overnight
  2. When ready to bbq the same, ensure the grill is hot and to make cooking the chicken easier, place them 1/2 cm apart on skewers.
  3. Cook either side for 5-6 minutes
  4. Serve hot off the grill with your choice of dipping sauces.


To really serve these in “character”, get one of these really neat bamboo serving boards from H-E-B.

Football bamboo serving trayAnd pick up a few more snack-ons from H-E-B’s Primo Picks selection in-store.

Must-Try Tailgating Recipes

If you need a few food/ snack-on ideas for your tailgate party, consider serving up …

Easy Chicken BBQ Bites for your next tailgating party #PrimoPicks with MommySnippets (13)


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