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10 Gift Ideas for Kids in the hospital this Christmas

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This Christmas while many kids make plans to help Mama bake cookies for the neighbors, decide what to make for the classroom card exchange and run door to door with carolers, there will be others who won’t be excitedly bouncing off the walls with all the Christmas activities lined up.

Just this past week I spoke with an acquaintance who works closely with the cancer wing in our local children’s hospital to see how we could tie in our Giving Christmas Away project and learnt that this particular hospital alone has close to 48 kids at one given time.


That number both stunned and burdened me.

It reminded me to be so, so grateful for good health and to be mindful, as we celebrate these coming weeks, that there are children who are fighting, most times, a battle for their lives.

This season, I want to encourage you to set aside some money to buy gifts for those kids in hospitals. Contact your local hospital and see how you can be a part of their Christmas toy/book drive. No one has ever become poor by giving

To commemorate a season of giving, I’m partnering with World Market to share gift ideas for those Bless-It-Forward projects I encourage you to do as a family. With a gift card provided by them, we were able to put together our own gift basket of goodies and baked treats that the kids will be taking to our local volunteer fire department later today to bless on them.

10 Gift Ideas for Kids in the hospital this Christmas

Thinking of the children at the hospitals, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

10 Gift Ideas for Kids in the hospital this Christmas- Mommy Snippets1.GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine- Any of the GoldieBlox kits actually make a great gift to give as they provide endless creative building projects and keep the child happily distracted. Each kit comes with a book as well to provide inspiration as they begin.

2. Beary Teddy Bear– No child can say no to a cuddly companion, right?

3.Retro Snakes and Ladders/Ludo games– Board games never grow old. Old school favorites like Snakes & Ladders and Ludo provide family fun. A big plus factor? The participants don’t need to really spend any time analyzing moves. You really don’t want to get a board game that requires too much analytic thought.

4. Desktop Foosball set-  This compact foosball set is a fun way for a child to stay in bed and not miss out on the foosball action.

5. Animal Village Tell A Story Cards– My children love this game. The stories they come up with seriously have to be recorded! This is perfect to while away those long hours between meals or take a young mind off tests to be run.

6. Spirograph Deluxe Design set- With 19 wheels, 2 rings, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 3 pens, a  guide book and design paper in the set, this can be a quiet independent entertainer for older kids.

7. Dress Up To Work Magnetic Fun Kit– Younger kids love playing dress up and with this magnetic fun kit holding 70 pieces, this can be contained within the little carrying case itself.

8. Retro Balloon Animals Kit– Now this is a fun gift for a child but one that Mom/Dad/a caregiver would need to help create. (This would also be a great way to share the love with buddies around.)

9. Fire Truck Puzzle– Jigsaw puzzles are always great gifts irrespective of the age.

10. Sharks and Whales Ultimate Sticker Book– Books of any sort are always enjoyed but more-so if they’re sticker books with over 60 re-useable stickers!


Do you have any other gift idea suggestions for kids in hospitals?



  1. All year, every year, making donations to children’s hospitals is a part of the norm for me. These are wonderful gift ideas for any child.

  2. Oh these are wonderful ideas. I’ve always made $ donations but never thought about actual gifts.

  3. I love all of your ideas. I think you really can never go wrong with a game, though!

  4. These are all great gift ideas. I think books might be good or even some kind of arts and craft kits. Anything to keep them busy.

  5. What a considerate list! I never would have thought of this but it’s so important. Hospital stays are always hard. As a child, I was in the hospital for 2 weeks… definitely difficult. Although i am sure if I would have had any of these gifts, it would have made me feel better.

  6. These are such fantastic ideas! I always donate to Toys for Tots at Christmas but I really want to try to find a hospital that accepts donations too!

  7. I always think of books or board games for those in the hospital. It would be something fun to cheer them up. Though, most would probably enjoy a tablet or iPod these days too!

  8. We always play Secret Santa to a disadvantaged family we know. We usually buy toys for the youngest, or books and games. The Chutes and Ladders game is making me nostalgic!

  9. As a mom whose child was almost in the hospital during Christmas this post is very much appreciated. One thing hospitals always need 24/7 and probably especially during the holidays are batteries and movies.

  10. Books, spirographs, and sticker books are fun for so many age groups. What a wonderful idea to help add joy and comfort to a young child’s life.

  11. Awesome list, what a great way to share with those kids who our sick during the holidays. Great way to give back and pass on kindness.

  12. I first off hate cancer so much! These kids deserve a who,e toy store for eBay they have to suffer through!

  13. These are all really great. I would suggest some fun blankets. Hospital blankets are so drab. Make it fun!

  14. These are all good ideas. Anything that can be wiped down easily is a good idea for a hospital room.

  15. I think Legos would be an awesome gift for any kid in the hospital. I would think reading those directions and making something would take their minds off of the suck.

  16. These are all such wonderful ideas! I always thought stuffed animals and books would be perfect as they don’t take up a lot of space on the beds.

  17. LOVE The lid, that is my baby’s name! What a great selection and amazing way to help and love on kids.

  18. I can’t imagine being that sick on any day, let along Christmas. I think a great gift for a kid in the hospital would be a tablet with Netflix. They could totally loose themselves in movie utopia.

  19. I see at least 4 toys I would like to take a play with a child in the hospital. The balloon animals and spirograph are always fun.

  20. I have a friend that works in a Children’s Hospital, and they said that they always are looking for things like playdough. It’s a great toy for hand-eye coordination, but has to be discarded after one use because it can’t be sanitized.

  21. I love this post. We should think about the poor babies who may have to spend their holidays in the hospital. These are all great ideas and whatever will put a smile on their precious faces.

  22. I have to say anything that helps to distract them will be an amazing gift! Great list of gifts to give!

  23. You really thought of so many fun things for them to do. I’ll bet they’d like travel versions of games too.

  24. I think the Dress Up To Work Magnetic Fun Kit looks like a lot of fun! I think this post is very meaningful to those who need extra love during the holiday season.

  25. I have contemplated since my kids have many toys to give toys to kids in our local children’s hospital. They are young so they may not understand. But that is a great list of toys that many kids would enjoy.

  26. A few years ago I was refurbishing old cabbage patch kids from the 80s. I sold some but most of them I donated to the child cancer center in town. It was a pretty amazing feeling.

  27. Depending on the age of the child a tablet could be a great gift for a child in the hospital. It would help pass some time playing games or watching Netflix.

  28. These are wonderful, I remember when my son spent most of his early years hospitalized, Christmas was the worse time but the toys always cheered him and the other kids up.

  29. Amazing post, and great ideas. I think if a child isn’t allergic that bringing a dog into the hospital to sit with them would make the child so happy.

  30. Those are great gift ideas! As a hospital nurse, I definitely think that the games and arts/crafts come in handy to pass the time!

  31. It’s so sad to think of kids in the hospital during the holidays. I love all your ideas!

  32. What a great list of ideas for kids in the hospital for Christmas. It stinks to be stuck in the hospital anytime, but holidays are especially tough.

  33. Also, giving to and/or donating to any local Ronald McDonald House or other type housing that offers a place to stay for parents who have children in the hospital and don’t live near by (so they also don’t have any family support close) is another great idea. We’ve spend holidays in the hospital with my daughter in the past and then 2 years ago my goddaughter was diagnosed with cancer and spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital, we do a lot of the childrens hospital and local RMH all year.

    1. That IS such an awesome idea. I think you appreciate the need for this to be done more especially since you’ve been on the other side, right? I wish we had a RMH close by.

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