Grape stomping at Windy Winery, Brenham, Texas. {#VisitBrenham}

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While looking through the list of experiences we could enjoy while visiting Washington County, grape stomping jumped off that list.

We’ve read so much about grape stomping in books and watched the same in movies that this became one of our must-dos on the trip.Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel - MommySnippets

Grape stomping at Windy Winery, Brenham, Texas.

We were fortunate to be in Brenham, Texas, a weekend the Windy Winery, was hosting a grape stomp and they were gracious to extend a complimentary admission to my family.

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The drive up to the cozy winery was beautiful and serene except for the moments the kids would spot herds of cows and shriek with excitement.

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Upon reaching Windy Winery, we were warmly welcomed and briefed that we would pick grapes off the vine, grape stomp and then create a souvenir tee each, to take home.

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We were each given a pail to collect the Champanel grapes we’d pick off the vines and were led to the vineyard by our guide.

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (15)

The kids were thrilled to have Windy Winery’s four legged members join us at the vineyard.

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (44)

Indie and Mona kept the kids company, patiently waiting till each grape was clipped off,

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (23)

and all our pails filled.


Before we headed back to the shade to stomp the grapes we collected, the kids explored the vineyard a bit and listened to how Windy makes their wines.

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (17)

Once they finally decided they had had enough of the sun, we headed on to the portion of the tour we’d been waiting for…

grape stomping.

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (88)

We were told we could jump, dance, march, squash the grapes with our feet and yes, get as messy as we wanted during the same.

(That’s all the invitation the kids needed!)

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (74)After each of us finished our turn at stomping, we stepped out onto our white Windy Winery tees and left grape juice footprints on the same to serve as souvenirs of our experience.

Grape stomping at Windy Winery, Brenham, Texas. {#VisitBrenham}

While we waited for our tees to dry,

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (103)

we were served chilled fruit punch (if you drink wine, you get to sample Windy’s wine but we don’t, hence the fruit punch.) and the kids happily played with Indie and Mona.

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (128)We spent close to an hour and a half at Windy Winery and I loved that the vineyard wasn’t overwhelmingly spaced out for the kids and that we were able to do cross grape stomping off our bucket list!

Grape_stomping_Windy_Winery_Brenham_Texas_#VisitBrenham_Travel (75)

For more details on the next grape stomp event, contact Windy Winery:

Windy Winery
4232 Clover Road
Brenham Texas, 77833
Phone (979) 836 3252



  1. I’d love to visit this winery. I think my family would have a blast there. Just stomping the grapes looks like a fantastic time.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I think my family would really enjoy doing this together.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. The kids got to stomp grapes at the Biltmore when they were little and they loved it.

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  7. What a fun experience!! Will you wear the t-shirts or make a throw out of them or something else entirely? Does the print come off if you wash it?

    1. I’m thinking of framing the kids’ tees. Our guide promised the grape stained prints won’t come off after a wash but I wouldn’t want to take any chances with that. 🙂

  8. What fun to actually stomp grapes. I didn’t know that was still a “thing.” I love the episode of “I Love Lucy” where she stomps grapes. 🙂

  9. I have always wanted to go wine stomping. I think it would be great to feel the grapes between my toes.

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  12. That’s something I’d like to do one day. It looks fun. Messy, but fun. Love baby girls little feet in there. Too cute.

  13. Oh gosh how fun! I love visiting wineries but haven’t had a chance to do the wine stomp. That sounds like so much fun.

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  18. Can I just say that grape stomping is on my bucket list? I am totally checking out this winery now!!

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