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The Cathys…a legacy of hope, faith and inspiration {#CFABackstage}

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Isn’t it amazing how God can use something as “official” as a Chick-fil-A Backstage Tour to minister to one’s heart?

He did mine.

And I know, just by walking through those Corporate hallways and listening to the Cathy children talk about the Brand, the “Chicken Empire” built by Truett Cathy could be seen and appreciated, without a doubt.


But there was more that radiated with bursting clarity…

a legacy of hope, faith and inspiration.


The choice of placing this symbolic statue in the Corporate Lobby beautifully reflects the heart of this family.



Humility and servant-hood. 

No, they did not not “preach” this out in words but we could see this resonating out of Dan, Trudy and Bubba Cathy’s lives.


The morning of the Tour, we had breakfast at the first Chick-fil-A Dwarf House. President and COO, Dan Cathy joined us and gave us a little history behind the Brand.


Yes, Mr Cathy did serve out the Hot Browns!


Halfway through breakfast, one of the bloggers accidently knocked her coffee cup over and the hot contents splashed out onto the floor. Without batting an eyelid, Dan Cathy grabbed a few paper napkins, got down on his knees and cleaned the hot,wet, mess off the floor.

It came as second nature to him. It didn’t matter that he holds a position of great authority in the Company. It was as if we were invited to his home and he was just doing what was expected.


The Corporate Headquarters also houses this amazing collage of words that were put together by employees, to honor Truett Cathy’s 90th birthday. These aren’t words put together by some Public Relations department to make the Brand look good.

They’re words contributed by people who know, love and interact with the Founder on a regular basis.

People who see him as he is.



And I think this speaks volumes.


Something else that touched my heart is the family’s unabashed faith and boldness to attribute all glory to the LORD.



.I loved that we were invited to join Dan Cathy in prayer before eating our meal and were blessed with the Word of Encouragement shared.



If you look around the family’s personal office spaces, you will see inspirational people, books and verses that have encouraged them.



It’s so encouraging to see that success and wealth hasn’t clouded this family’s hearts and that God continues to have a place of ultimate prominence in their lives.


Dan Cathy, when asked to share his favorite verse, said this…



And truly this family’s legacy and business success story does reflect that.


Meeting the Cathys was such a blessing.



Their lives are such an inspiration and testament of what the LORD can do through a family when they give Him pre-eminence in all things.


I pray that my family will continue to stand on the same unshakable foundation of His Word and that our lives, like theirs, will always radiate the warmth, genuine love and person of Christ, irrespective of the situation or who it is we meet.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if more Brands and companies stepped up to the plate and molded their corporate practices on lines similar to Chick-fil-A‘s?




  1. Thanks fr this wonderful article. Your video clip is amazing. thanks for hosting.

  2. Amazing witness of Faith ….what a legacy….you were blessed to see the secret of the success of this Corporate…thank you for sharing this

  3. I love Chick-fil-a’s food already, but I really do respect the company that the Cathys have built. They have helped a lot of kids get scholarships for college, thanks to their Winshape program as well.

  4. That’s wonderful! I’ve always loved Chick-Fil-A and what they stood for – the fact that they don’t open on Sunday says a lot. But I didn’t know they were this inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The true secret of success! It’s great to see him really live what he believes and get be rewarded with such a great company!

  6. wish every company was Christ centered then I sure we wouldn’t have the troubles we have today. Take God out and then there is trouble. This is my favorite place to eat BTW!

  7. Wow! I didn’t realize how much their faith was a part of their business. That’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. They are a great Christian company. I have heard of groups attacking them for standing up for their beliefs. I pray that Chick-fil-A will never back down and give in to these kinds of people.

  9. Great post! WOW. It was really eye opening. I have a lot more respect for the company now. I love how the president got on his hands and knees to clean up the coffee. That really impressed me.

  10. I have always loved this company and what they stand for.

    Seeing some more behind the scenes shots and hearing more of what their goals are make me love them even more.

    What an amazing testimony to what God can do if we only put him first!

  11. We don’t have any Chick -Fil-A’s here in Maine…I have always wanted to eat there! Great post!

  12. Wow… that’s really amazing. I didn’t know that about Chick-Fil-A. Very cool.

  13. We love Chick-Fil-A!! Not just their food but their standards and commitment to close on the Sabbath. The employees are some of the nicest and most courteous I have ever encountered. Their willingness to support fundraisers is incredible!

  14. We don’t have a Chick-Fil-A in Hawaii so I’ve never eaten there before. However, I am impressed with their faith.

  15. Wow…what a neat experience. Interestingly enough, I had never heard of Chick Fil A until I met my husband and then stores started popping up here in Southern California.

  16. So jealous! I love Chick-fil-a and I love the Cathy’s story! It just makes CFA a one of a kind fast food restaurant with the most awesome service!

  17. We love Chic-fil-a, even before I found out about their beginnings and company philosophy. After I found out, I loved them even more.

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