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Simple DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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One thing that makes mothers happy is to see their children grow up as individuals who know how to appreciate, respect, and give importance to other people.

Photo Credit: All Things Paper
Photo Credit: All Things Paper

How about showing her that you learned these values?

Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving Mom something special…

something that you can make for her.

Here are two simple DIY Mother’s day gift ideas:


1. A DIY Flower Bouquet

Photo Credit : Paper & Stitch
Photo Credit : Paper & Stitch

Most mothers appreciate a nice bunch of flowers, especially if you hand pick them yourself. You can mix different flowers that symbolize your love for your dear mom. Simon Richards, Marks & Spencer product developer, suggests mixing vibrant colors such as yellow, purple, and cerise.

You can mix spring lilacs, yellow tulips, and cerise to make a perfect Mother’s day bouquet.

Also, make sure to customize a gift card to accompany your DIY flower bouquet and add a special message to it. (Check out Paper & Stitch’s blog for more awesome ideas)


2. DIY Tin Can Planters

Photo Credit: Top Dreamer
Photo Credit: Top Dreamer

You could also surprise your mother by helping transform her garden for the better by adding splashes of color to her dull pots.

You can also re-pot some of her flowers and plants by recycling old tin cans. Wash them clean and spray paint them with bright colors such as purple, orange, blue, and yellow. Allow them to dry and plant spring flowers in them. Maybe, place them on the kitchen window sill or on the porch. You can even use them to decorate the breakfast table for when your mother wakes up.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for all mothers. While we celebrate the day in May, our friends over in the UK celebrate the day in March. And since we grew up worshiping in an Anglican church, my Mother still observes March as her day, over May!

Irrespective of when you choose to set apart a day to make her feel special, just remember that it’s important you remember to appreciate her and the love she has given you over the years.

Mothers will love the idea that you spent your time making something special for her. (Yes Ma, you’ve always told me those handmade gifts are more precious than any other.)

It’s the simple things that matter most!


Can you remember a favorite handmade Mother’s Day gift made? Would you share what it was? 


  1. Ok, those gave me the warm fuzzies because they remind me of things my kids have given me. Oh goodness, I’m such a sentimental mama. Love your ideas!

  2. I love the frame idea. Simply love it! And of course that bouquet of flowers is simple yet stunning!! We might just have to do something for my mom and my mother-in-law this year. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  3. I love flowers. they brighten every room, and as long as its not valentines day, they are pretty affordable!! we have a butterfly garden we are planting so we have lots to cut and enjoy all summer!

  4. My favourite gift was one MASSIVE HUGE card that my daughter gave me. it was too big, too gaudy and tacky – but totally awesome. She was so proud and could barely even lift the thing.

    1. Awwwwww. My 8 year old would crumple up pieces of paper as gifts and my husband still has a stash of paper balls saved!

  5. I love the tin can planters. So cute! And My MIL loves herbs; I could plant herbs in hers.

  6. I can’t remember a favorite gift actually. I like the idea of reusing items to make gifts though. I go through so many tin cans that would be great. I could make all kinds of planters!

  7. That tin can planter is too cute! My mother-in-law would love that for Mother’s Day! Great ideas

  8. These ideas are all so pretty and unique! My son isn’t quite as creative per say, but he always makes the sweetest homemade cards. I have every single one of them packed away for treasuring 😉

  9. I made lots of Mother’s Day Cards growing up. They all came back to me in a box when I moved into my first home lol 🙂

  10. I don’t remember many of the things I created for my mom but I remember some of the favorites I received. Anything my girls put heart into was a total winner. Anything they handed me with bright, proud eyes made me happy… and cry.

  11. Awe these are such cute ideas and perfect for getting an early start on gift making.

  12. These are such great ideas! I especially love the tin can planters, every mom can use a spare vase or too around the house!

  13. I love this for homemade gifts are best. I am thinking I may use a few of these for grandmothers. 🙂

  14. I love this, we have never painted the cans but we have always poked holes in the tops and used pipe cleaners and hung them on doors with flowers in them for May Day. Maybe I can let the kids know about this and see if I get a surprise for Mother’s Day. Love this idea. It would be great on a tray with breakfast. 🙂

  15. How cute are these? I love the pots and that frame, I think I’d love that frame as a gift. I’d put it in my office. So cute!

  16. Love the ideas!! My mom LOVES when we make gifts for her as opposed to buying. =)

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