The best gift you can get a family who loves the outdoors

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To suit every budget, Coleman has something for every outdoor enthusiast and family.

The best gift you can get a family who loves the outdoors

If you’re looking for something small, a rugged accessory or  lantern would serve as a great stocking stuffer. But if you’re looking for something handy, durable and equipped to endure rugged terrain, the 55 quart rugged 55 A/T wheeled cooler is what you need.the-best-gift-you-can-get-a-family-who-loves-the-outdoors-mommysnippets-46

This generously sized cooler can hold upto 84 cans! (Makes it so much more convenient than lugging those long coolers to a picnic or camp-site.) And ( you will like this) it retains ice for upto 5 days, at temperatures upto 90 degrees.


The wider wheels make transportation of a packed cooler so much easier especially when the ground is uneven. The E-Z lift handles allow convenience while carrying the cooler for a distance.

The latch lid seals the cooler shut effectively and the face serves as a drink tray for 4 people with the cup holder depressions on the lid.

Just in case you are short on space, the ‘Have-A-Seat’ cooler lid is strong enough to hold over 250 pounds on top of it. (Something to keep in mind when you want to stack stuff over it.)


This also comes with a bungee cord that allows you to strap additional sports or camping gear to the same.

Very handy, for those outings to the beach, sports games, camping or even picnic.

But if you’re willing to splurge a little, you won’t want to say no to the 12 x 12 instant sun shelter.the-best-gift-you-can-get-a-family-who-loves-the-outdoors-mommysnippets-1

This is a great investment for families who love being outdoors. It took us a while to set up the sun shelter on our first try but now that we know how to open the frame out and how to clip on the shade, it will be much quicker the next time around. Coleman says it should only take about 3 minutes to set up, so that’s our goal!the-best-gift-you-can-get-a-family-who-loves-the-outdoors-mommysnippets-4

It helped to have all hands on deck to set this up as the frame is quite heavy.


The frame can be lowered if you have little kids under having a picnic or stand tall at the 10 feet 8 inch center height. It’s really a great shelter to have on hand for when you have friends over or the kids playing in the backyard and need a shade over their heads. (The shade is made with UVGuard™ material, which provides 50+ UPF protection from the sun’s rays.)

It provides 144 square feet of shade. Not too shabby at all.


And in case you’re worried about how much space this will take up in your garage when closed,  the shelter does fold up to be very compact in a wheeled carry bag.


Coleman also carries sleeping bags, grills, cots and other essentials an outdoor enthusiast may need for that excursion, hike or camping trip.

How would you like to win a 55 quart Coleman cooler?

One reader has the chance to win the Coleman 55 quart rugged 55 A/T wheeled cooler.the-best-gift-you-can-get-a-family-who-loves-the-outdoors-mommysnippets-28

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  1. I would love to give my Mom and Dad one of these Coleman coolers. My husband and I already have one of the Coleman steel belted coolers and really don’t need another, but my parents have wanted one. It would be a great surprise for them! 🙂

  2. I need to get my one friend the North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag ! She is a way crazier outdoor enthusiast than I am!

  3. The pop-up is fantastic for going “camping” with kids. Makes for a great shade and over a picnic table, covers the food.

  4. I would give the Big-N-Tall™ Quad Chair to my Nephew, which I think is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

  5. I would buy the outdoor dome tent (SIGNATURE INSTANT DOME 7 WITH INTEGRATED FLY) for someone who loves the outdoors.

  6. I would give a GUIDE SERIES® POWERHOUSE™ 414 STOVE to my kids for when they go camping.

  7. My hubby would really love the NXT™ Lite Table Top Grill . It is really a nice grill and easy to transport. He would really love this cooler as well for fishing.

  8. This is awesome! We have one of the canopy deals and it’s great for garage sales, events, and staying out of the sun when working on projects out in the yard. Love that cooler! Would be perfect for family gatherings come summer time!

  9. JENNY LAKE™ FAST PITCH™ 8-PERSON CABIN WITH CLOSET…I think anyone would live this!

  10. I would give my son in law, the outdoorsman a FyreMajor™ 3-IN-1 HyperFlame™ Stove

  11. I would give the outdoor enthusiast the JENNY LAKE™ FAST PITCH™ 8-PERSON CABIN WITH CLOSET which is very spacious, and allowing more floor space. I like the bright orange, as it is more easily recognizable in the outdoors too.

  12. i would love tomget a camping cot for my husband, he enjoys camping but not the uncomfortable sleeping we are normally subjected to.

  13. We camp every weekend in the Michigan summers. We really rely on the durability and reliability of the Coleman brand.. I would definitely get some use out of a cooler!

  14. I would buy my son the 12 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator because he loves camping and he loves coffee.

  15. I would give an instant tent to my outdoor enthusiast,so they can set-up camp in a hurry,and start enjoying right away!

  16. The Coleman 55 Qt Wheeled Cooler would be a great gift for my beach going grandkids (actually for their parents who have to pack and tote the drinks and snacks), but I think this outdoorsy family would really like the Coleman 12 x 12 Instant Sun Shelter to help protect the little ones during a fun day on those North Carolina beaches!

  17. I also think it would be great to get an outdoor enthusiast a Coleman Brazos™ Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

  18. I would give my daughter and her family the Quad® Pro 800L LED Lantern — she is always having to look for enough lighting equipment for their camping.

  19. That’s a hard one. There’s so many awesome things to choose from. I think I’d just have to go with a shopping spree of about $400 and let them go a bit wild. There’s just too much to choose from, you know

  20. One of the Coleman Canopies. They are good to keep the sun off and maybe some rain. Good for camping ,at the beach and for even in your back yard for parties and so on.

  21. I would give an outdoor enthusiast a Coleman liquid propane powered stove, because cooking is an essential part of going out in the wild!

  22. I would give the Coleman Camp Wagon to my dad. He loves to go camping– and over-packing! The wagon would be great so that he wont have to lug around all of his stuff.

  23. I would give my hubby the Big Game™ Big and Tall Sleeping Bag, he is always taller than most bags.

  24. I would give the Coleman® North Rim™ Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag for those who really love the outdoors even when the temperature dips below freezing!

  25. I would give the 390L TWIN LED LANTERN, because I think a lantern is always useful and handy.

  26. I would get my hubby the 24 CAN DUAL ZIP COOLER because he loves to fish and camp and this is easy to get around.

  27. I would get my husband the CT-70F 700L TACTICAL LED FLASHLIGHT because it would be great for hunting.

  28. I would get each of my kids their own sleeping bag since we still haul pillows and blankets to the camp site.

  29. I would probably give an outdoor enthusiast one of these Coleman coolers. It’s something folks can always use.

  30. I would give my brother in law the NORTHSTAR® DUAL FUEL™ INSTASTART™ LANTERN.

  31. I would give my husband the NXT™ 200 GRILL, He loves to camp and is always outdoors, and he is my grillmaster, I think it would be perfect for him.

  32. Coleman has so many awesome products that one could give to someone who is an outdoor enthusiast! One item that I personally would want is a AIRBED COT – QUEEN. No sleeping on the ground for me!

  33. I would give the SIGNAL MOUNTAIN™ 4-PERSON INSTANT TENT to my son and his girlfriend

  34. There are so many cool things I’d like to give my fmaily. New sleeping bags, more laterns, a couple more pairs of headlamps just to start. This cooler is AMAZING! Perfect for tailgaiting. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

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