Gift a game. Gift hours of family fun.

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Updated on 12/16 to include the donation drop off photograph

I’m so blessed to partner with our friends over at Wonder Forge, BRIO and Ravensburger, once again this year, for our Giving Christmas Away event. Each year, they’re always so generous to bless the children and this year is once again, no exception.

All the gifts pictured above are sure to provide some much needed distraction for the children in our local hospital’s pediatric cancer wing this Christmas.

If you’re looking for some great games to put under the tree, you’re at the right place!

Gift a game. Gift hours of family fun.

To make things easy, I’ve linked to the games as available on Amazon, making it easy for you to click on the link, shop online, drop the game in your shopping cart and ship it out to reach before Christmas. (You’re welcome.) Some though are only available in stores.

Stick Stack 

This is like a Jenga game but with a twist. You need to use one hand, match colors and stack sticks on a wobbly base without dropping even one stick.

Recommended age: 8+ years


In this fast-paced game, all the players are secretly jewel thieves with the sole motive to grab as many jewels as possible before the end of the game. The winner is the person who has the most jewels and the one able to guess the identities of the other thieves correctly.

Recommended age: 10+ years

Really Bad Art Game

This fun game tests your drawing skills! Each player is given a phrase that they need to depict with a drawing. Cards are collected and a decoy card from the pile of 500 cards is added to the mix. Players then guess which phrases match which art and moves the number of spaces, he is right, on the board. The winner is the one who reaches the finish point first.

Recommended age: 12+ years

Dr. Seuss Thing Two and Thing One Whirly Fun

In this game that involves teamwork, players will have to work together to clean up the big mess Thing 1 and Thing 2 have created in Mother’s absence.

Recommended ages: 4+ years

Lion King: Boulder Burst

In this game, players need to build a boulder wall (this helps develop fine motor skills) that can withstand the pressure of water balls.

Recommended ages: 4+ years

Finding Dory Bubble Science Kit

The bubble kit comes with a Dory bubble blower, bubble wands, a glove to catch bubbles and a book that details how to conduct several science experiments.

Recommended ages: 4+ years

Star Wars Eye Found It!

This I Spy board game is Star Wars themed so players have to find characters on different planets. A great gift for Star Wars fans.

Recommended ages: 6+ years

Marvel I Can Do That! Game

Very similar to the Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game, this one has players stepping into the role of a super hero to do various feats and ‘stunts’.

Recommended age: 4+ years

 Disney Frozen, Where’s Olaf? Game

Very similar to the hot and cold game, one player hides Olaf and remaining players try to find where he has been hidden based on clues provided from cards drawn

Recommended age: 4+ years

 BRIO Family Home Playset

Perfect to encourage imaginative play and patience while building the home. The durable, playset includes 4 play figures, furniture and accessories to place in the home.

Recommended age: 3+ years

BRIO Village Central Fire Station

A fun fire station playset that has to be set up by the child and includes a fire truck, 2 firemen, accessories and a fire truck that lights up and has a working siren.

Recommended age: 3+ years

Ravensburger Smartscope

The Smartscope is a smart microscope connected to a parent’s smartphone or tablet. The kit comes with a pipette, petri dish, tweezers, 4 screws, screwdriver, light box, support pads, illumination lens, 2 magnifying lenses, 2 stage clips, stage, lens manipulator, adjusting spindle, 2 adjusting knobs, housing, base, 2 stickers, 33 x 23 in poster, carry bag, tablet stand, cover slips, and slides.

Recommended age:8+ years

Ravensburger Buggaloop

Players have to move their bugs through the board making sure the HEXBUG doesn’t bump them off
Recommended age: 6+ years