30 Day No Spending Challenge – Fun Ideas for Families on a Tight Budget

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Are you ready to try the 30 Day No Spending Challenge?

The goal is to stay away from spending money on unnecessary expenses by doing fun, free things with the family.

With the price of things on the rise, this is a great way to be careful about what you spend.

If you’re spending less, you’ll have more money to set aside in a savings account for a rainy day.

I promise this does not mean cutting out fun from the equation!

The 30 Day No Spending Challenge is a Great Way to Have Fun when on a Budget!

1. Have a Garage or Yard Sale to Sell Items 

Start going through items in your home.

Do you have some things that you’re not using?

These items are likely sitting around with dust on them.

Why not wipe them down and then sell them to people who can use them? 

You’ll make money while having fun with the family.

You can set everything up in the backyard or the garage, depending on how much space you have available.

Let your neighbors know you’re having a sale to give them time to head on over to check it out.

2. Take a Bike Ride on a Trail as a Family

Taking a bike ride on a trail as a family is the perfect way to have free fun.

Instead of going to costly arcades and other places that will cost you more money, you can head out together on bikes and enjoy nature.

You’ll see amazing sights and share a few good laughs.

The memories you’ll make with loved ones are priceless.

3. Start a Garden and Begin Planting New Things

When you’re trying to avoid spending, it’s a great time to start a garden.

Get your children involved in helping with planting seeds, watering crops, and helping create compost to use in the soil.

Gardening is therapeutic and relaxing, but it’s also a way to become more self-sufficient.

If you’re growing fruits and vegetables, you’ll eventually spend much less on them at the grocery stores.

4. Make Banana Splits

This has become something my younger daughter loves!

It took her one introduction to a banana split sundae and since then she’s hooked. 

Set up a Banana Split Bar and allow the kids to get creative with their sundaes.

5. Plan Regular Trips to the Library

Make sure to spend time at the library.

Instead of buying books, your children can borrow them from the library.

It’s a great way to encourage your children to read.

Trips to the library will turn into something they look forward to doing. 

It might sound challenging to avoid spending on unnecessary expenses, but it’s possible.

Try these helpful tips to spend less and save more. You won’t regret it!

Want more No Spend ideas? 

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Game to jump on the 30 day No Spending Challenge?

Let’s do it!

How many No Spend ideas can you pull off this Summer Bucket List?

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